us private lawyer team and huge social resources will make a person completely socially dead!

us private lawyer team and huge social resources will make a person completely socially dead!
Among the numbers 1359, Fengwei is the smartest.
Let this girl jump to the top of the flower planting test pyramid at the speed of jumping 2 levels a year. In 2005, she won the first place in the high school entrance examination in Dashenshan; in 2006, she won the silver medal in the national mathematics competition; in 2007, she won the gold medal in the mathematics competition, ranked first in IMO’s total score, and won the first place in the college entrance examination.
However, the beauty of life cannot match the cruelty of reality. Under the plan of the “Big Devil”, Fengwei did not choose his favorite physics major, but came to Laohewan and registered his student status at the richest man’s alma mater, majoring in
electronic information systems. .
This is a staggeringly large category.
Under this category system, it is supported by tens of thousands of talents from companies such as Laohewan Tesla Center, DK Researcher, United Semiconductor and Huahong Capital Branch; among the many universities without walls in Laohewan, countless The first professional support for growing flowers; Yes
All of the above are made with money!
“Girl, the prize money for the hope competition is 300,000 yuan?”
Zhao Zhai, Laohewan.
In the luxurious villa living room, Lezi asked Fengwei in a daze.
/“It’s 330,000 yuan, of which 30,000 yuan is a special reward.”
Fengwei wrinkled his nose and replied. It has been almost a year since he came to the capital. The dark and skinny girl was raised to be white and beautiful.
“What is that competition for?” Lezi swallowed and asked greedily, “Can only college students participate?”
“The competition is for integrated circuit design. There is also a social group competition in the competition.”
Because it is what I like. Xizi’s younger brother, so Fengwei answered the questions very seriously.
“What is that?”
“You can think of it as a Lego building competition.”
Lezi’s eyes lit up and he said loudly: “I can do this, little Fengwei, if you teach me more, I can also participate.
Fengwei tilted his head and thought for a long time before asking tangledly: “Brother Lezi, how are your college English, advanced mathematics, linear algebra, and probability theory?” What
are those?
Lezi looked at Xiao Fengwei blankly, watching her raise her tender fingers in a serious manner and counting them one by one:
“If those subjects are not bad, we can start with computer language and programming, focusing on integrated circuit EDA technology, embedded System principle, communication…”
“Stop, stop, stop!”
Lezi interrupted Fengwei who was chattering and said sincerely: “Little Fengwei, just pretend I didn’t ask.”
Fengwei responded regretfully. Become unhappy. She has many, many teachers, but she has always been taught by others. She finally wanted to experience the pleasure of teaching others, but it was difficult to do so.
But for a little girl, bad moods come an