a doll, with a body I’m afraid it’s empty, not a living person.

a doll, with a body I’m afraid it’s empty, not a living person.
“If I can’t kill you with one sword, then I will kill you with ten swords. If not, I will kill you with a hundred swords until you turn into a pile of rotten wood!” I stretched out my hand, and the golden light in the sky continued to gather at one point. , one sword, two swords, three swords. More and more golden swords stand in the sky, like twinkling stars.
The man in black raised his head, and the strong wind blew his long black hair. I snapped my fingers, and the golden sword in the sky fell like raindrops. The golden light filled my eyes at this moment.
“The sky is so bright,” the man in black said with an evil smile, and then his body was covered by the overwhelming golden sword. The ground was shaking, and soon the golden sword fell to the ground, smashing the man in black in front of him to pieces.
“Let me see if you can still get up!”
/However, these words were quickly slapped in the face, and the corpses that had been beaten up and left in a pile moved again. The rotten flesh and broken bones were connected together. When the golden light disappeared, he slowly stood up and straightened his waist, although half of his body was still riddled with holes. But the other half has actually begun to heal. But there was still no blood, as if blood did not exist in his body.
“It hurts so much.” He twisted his body, and a bone pierced out from his waist, and then grew back on its own.
“Not a doll?” I can’t be sure myself. It’s not difficult to make a doll with flesh and bones, but this technology was developed hundreds of years ago. Today, this technology is very rare.
“Do you think I’m a doll?” He looked up at me and asked. Half of the torn mouth is healing quickly, and the flesh and teeth that have grown out are really scary.
“You’re not?”
“Haha, do you know that you are wrong when you look at it like this?” As he spoke. He inserted his hand into the left chest, as if he had pinched something, and then pulled it out little by little, and unexpectedly slowly pulled out something like a heart. Then one was beating. And a heart full of power appeared in my eyes.
It is impossible for a doll to have a beating and bright red heart. He actually pulled his own heart out of his body. However, this heart is different from the hearts I have seen, although it is still beating. The shape is the same, but there is no trace of blood on it, and the flesh on the surface has dried up and withered.
“Do you believe it now?” He said with a smile, and put his heart back again.
“What the hell are you?” I asked with a frown.
/“I told you. I am immortal. I am also the last immortal as of today.” As he spoke, the other half of his body was almost healed, and the evil energy slowly but powerfully covered it. surrounded us.
“There is no such thing as immortality in the world. I don’t believe it.”
“Haha, you said you don’t believe it, but aren’t you yourself immortal?” There was ridicule in his voice.
“I just won’t grow old. But I’m not immortal!”