ust buy an orange phone with the same appearance.

ust buy an orange phone with the same appearance.
After seeing his uncle off, Xiao Ming immediately put on his Tesla uniform jacket and returned to the counter. Looking at the still bustling counter, he quickly cheered up and got into work.
A scene similar to what happened in the Jiangzhong Electronics Market is currently taking place in the counters of Jiaming and Xingsheng Trading across the country.
Frozen, in the mainstream PC market, has exceeded everyone’s expectations and is inextricably killed by major brands.
The core-frozen radiator and the black-red chassis power supply with a specially extended power cord for the convenience of backplane wiring for the majority of users, under the expectation of the experienced market veterans Dada and Xingsheng, the sales volume exploded. However, what surprised them was that the explosion was so unexpected that merchants from major electronic malls gathered in front of the counters of Xingsheng and Jiaming companies with cash to purchase as much as they wanted.
In just one morning, two Tesla accessory products that had been prepared for a long time were out of stock nationwide!
Kyoto, Pacific Building, Jiaming Company Conference Room.
Sister Dada hung up the phone and glanced at everyone, “Tomorrow, basically both accessories will arrive, and the third batch will be shipped directly from the manufacturer in Shenzhen!”
As soon as she finished speaking, everyone in the conference room gave it away. He took a breath, and then started discussing with excitement, “Totally unexpected, in just one morning, everything was sold out.”
“Yes, although it is just a shop behavior, everyone is optimistic about the sales of the two products.”
“The chairman’s decision to work part-time against all the opinions was so wise.”
Zhao Xin chuckled at the naked flattery. Zhao Li raised his eyebrows and said nothing. Sister Dada, who was sitting in the main seat, patted the table expressionlessly. , waited for everyone to calm down, and said: “Tesla’s people who went out to develop the market did not return to Kyoto, but became inspectors, patrolling Jiaming and Xingsheng counters across the country.”
Sister Dada said seriously He glanced at everyone and said, “I must instruct the person in charge of each branch to strictly abide by the contract execution, decoration, personnel clothing, and sales terms. If any branch violates the agreement, I will not be able to hold my head high in front of Zhao Song.”
/He said here . , Sister Dada paused for a moment, and then said word by word: “I will make that branch unable to hold its head up for the rest of its life!”
“Ring ring~~” As the bell rang for the end of class, the teacher on the podium immediately closed the handout, As a teacher of the elective course “Electrical Circuits” in the Industrial and Commercial Branch, he didn’t think it was useful to teach these economics students.
Similarly, Liao Yingzhu in the audience also thought so. She hurriedly packed her books. Every Tuesday, the accounting department h