a attacked.

a attacked.
/Yinhe and Nana were blown away directly.
At the same time, more men in black rushed out from various buildings. This time they all held assault rifles and fired fiercely at Yinhe and Nana, who were blown to the ground. When Yinhe fired back, they He immediately hid in the bunker, and then small bombs flew over from time to time, blowing Yinhe and Nana out again, preventing Yinhe and Nana from having a chance to fight back.
Galaxy withstood the fierce fire and was blown away again and again, but she got up again and again, firing lasers at the spikes of her fists to fight back. Although it was difficult to advance, she still used her laser weapon to kill all the black people in the end. Yiren, together with Nana, reached the vicinity of Chen Dengwen’s lair.
Chen Dengwen’s lair was in a hill in Tranquility City. After arriving near the lair, more and more violent artillery fire and bullets were poured out towards Yinhe and Nana. Moreover, these artillery fires and bullets were hidden in some bunkers and were extremely difficult to find. Destroyed, Yinhe braved the hail of bullets to investigate, but found that the secret lair in the mountain was made of very thick concrete, and there was even a very thick alloy plate protection inside. It was difficult to storm in with her current weapons.
Although those intensive artillery fire and bullets could not cause damage to Yinhe and Nana for the time being, they greatly consumed the energy of their outer space armor. If she continued to use laser bombs to forcibly destroy those turrets and machine guns at this moment, or withstand these turrets and If a machine gun attack attempts to forcibly break through the concrete shell of the nest, the energy reserves in her body will be exhausted quickly, and it may not be able to achieve the goal.
“I’m running out of energy, and I can’t attack here.” Nana reported to Yinhe, who had no choice but to retreat with Nana, out of the range of artillery fire.
“I promised to help him capture this place, and I can’t break my promise.” Yinhe said to Nana.
“I’ve calculated that we can’t capture it.” Nana reminded Yinhe.
“If we don’t capture this place, Brother Qian will risk his life to come here. He may die here.” Yinhe looked very anxious.
“He said you are the most important, nothing else is important, don’t be stupid.” Nana advised Yinhe. The communication between Nana and Yinhe is instantaneous, no matter how much words are said, it only lasts a moment.
“Nana, go back. I have to attack. If I die here, you will have to protect him.” Yinhe thought for a while and said to Nana.
“No, I can’t leave, I want to protect you, and I can’t watch you die.” Nana did not obey Yinhe’s instructions.
“We definitely won’t be able to capture this place with force. If it’s my godfather, what will he do?” Yinhe didn’t urge Nana to leave for the time being, but started thinking there.
“Yes, we need to think of something.” Nana replied to Yinhe.
“Brother Gan is very smart. He always comes up with some good solutions when e