Finally, under the lure of the forest fire and Liu Gan, the super-giant crocodile-headed monster entered the area where the remote-controlled bomb was planted. It stood on the edge of the sea cliff, stretched its head down and roared at the sliding Liu Gan.
Cold-blooded animals are cold-blooded animals. Most of the time they just act on instinct. When they see prey and are then angered by the prey, their sense of danger is not so sensitive.
Standing on top of the sea cliff, the super-giant crocodile-headed monster was still more than ten meters away from the border of the black fog, so although it was wary, it still wanted to vent its anger towards Liu Gan before leaving. Only this time, it was not so lucky. It stepped into Liu Gan’s trap, and it would not be so easy to leave again.
“First group, detonate!”
/After Liu Gan went down to the bottom of the sea cliff, he saw the opportunity and ordered the members of the demolition team to press the first group of remote controls together. A violent explosion appeared on the stone at the foot of the super giant crocodile-headed monster. On the surface of the cliff, where the giant crocodile-headed monster stood on the top of the sea cliff, rocks flew across the cliff and was completely exploded. The place where the monster stepped on suddenly collapsed.
The super-giant crocodile-headed monster sensed that the situation was not good and immediately turned around to return to a safe area. Of course Liu Gan would not let it escape like this.
/“Second group, detonate!”
Liu Gan gave the order, and the members of the demolition team pressed another set of remote controls together. Several more remote-controlled bombs were exploded in the cave behind the crocodile-headed monster. Huge The shock wave caused the super-giant crocodile-headed monster that was about to escape back to escape, and its heavy body suddenly fell to the bottom of the sea cliff.
The super-giant crocodile-headed monster immediately stretched out its claws and claws. At the critical moment, it actually clung to the blasted rocks on the sea cliff, and then prepared to climb back to the cliff face.
Of course, Liu Qian had also considered the possibility of this, so he detonated the third set of bombs. Several remote-controlled bombs placed on the cliff exploded at the right time, covering the place where the super-giant crocodile-headed monster was clinging. It collapsed due to the explosion. This time it had no chance to catch anything, and its extremely heavy body rolled and fell to the bottom of the sea cliff.
The widest point between the cliff below the sea cliff and the border of the black fog is only seven or eight meters. The body of the super-giant crocodile-headed monster is more than thirty meters high, and its head is more than ten meters long. It fell to the cliff. After the bottom, due to inertia, most of its body inevitably entered the boundary of the black mist.
At this time, if the super-giant crocodile-headed monster calms down and presses its body tightly against