“No, torture him to death slowly!”

“No, torture him to death slowly!”
A group of Sergeant Li’s followers shouted with all their strength, cheering for Sergeant Li. They felt that Sergeant Li would definitely win this life-and-death fight. At this time He looked extremely proud, and from time to time he wiped his neck or pointed his thumb down at Diao Zilong, Wang Bingwei and others.
Diao Zilong, Wang Bingwei and others were a little crestfallen. Although they were the best in each city who had reached level 9, when they arrived at the front line, they found that they were like ants. They were at the bottom of the pyramid in terms of strength and military rank. Lowest level.
Liu Qian came with them all the way and was considered a companion. He was promoted to sergeant through running, and he protected them loyally. But now because he is too arrogant, he wants to die in vain at the hands of veteran sergeant Li, which makes people feel sad. I feel very depressed just thinking about it.
/Because both sides of the life-and-death battle were in close combat, and although there were some obstacles in the battle environment, they did not seem to have much effect. After the life-and-death battle began, both of them quickly rushed towards the middle area, and the distance was as close as two or three. When they were three meters apart, they turned into a line of light and shadow and rushed together.
“Bang bang bang bang!”
Both sides launched supernatural attacks, hitting each other’s energy armor and bursting out with clouds of blue light.
“Master Li will win!”
“Master Li is mighty!”
No one would think that Liu Qian would survive Sergeant Li’s crazy attack. After all, the equipment gap between the two sides was too big!
However, after a head-to-head confrontation, Liu Qian did not fall. Instead, he ran away hastily towards where Sergeant Li turned, which shocked the onlookers.
There is indeed a big gap between the lethality of the sword in Liu Gan’s hands and that of Sergeant Li. However, Sergeant Li now only has four abilities and only three attack abilities, which are not enough to perform a combo of supernatural attacks. However, Liu Gan can not only perform a combo of supernatural powers. Attack, and the auxiliary ability ‘Strong Attack’ doubles the damage of the attack and combo of abilities.
There is a big gap between Liu Qian’s armor and Sergeant Li’s, but his ‘Burning Cauldron’ and ‘Mist Armor’ can quadruple the armor energy, sharing the armor energy with Liu Ruyan’s Life Chain, plus With Liu Ruyan’s double bug, Liu Qian’s total armor energy is not weaker than Sergeant Li’s, and even surpasses him by a large margin!
Sergeant Li originally thought that this round of attacks was enough to destroy Liu Gan’s defense, and all that was left was to slowly kill Liu Gan. However, after this round of attacks, not only did he fail to destroy Liu Gan’s armor, but he was knocked out by Liu Gan. Eighteen or nine percent of the armor energy!
The armor energy that had originally been knocked out by 18 or 9% was not enough for Sergeant Li t