in his palm. His little eyes were focused, probably thinking about why the pine cone fell down.

in his palm. His little eyes were focused, probably thinking about why the pine cone fell down.
It can’t imagine the force of gravity. Regardless of whether it recognizes it or not, it just throws it into the mouth. Whether it can be eaten or not is the only criterion for testing the quality of something. After chewing it, it felt bitter to the pine cone, and it wrinkled up and sighed. non-stop.
The cowboys put on loose white suits, all of them looked like dogs. With the surrounding villas, luxury cars, and champagne and wine, those who didn’t know it thought they were rich people gathering.
Three percent of Xueshan Ranch’s annual profits will be distributed to employees who have worked for more than five years as year-end benefits. After all, most of the old employees are middle class, and their mental outlook is different from a few years ago.
Martinez, a black man, has a face and hands that are really, pardon my words, indescribable against the backdrop of his clothes.
Fortunately, due to his height and burly figure, he was quite decent in his clothes. At this moment, he was telling Han Xuan about Anderson’s bachelor’s night party last night: “He booked the small bar in Augusta, you know. There are dozens of men and not a single woman. Oh my God, I really want to die.” ”
I know you are still young, and you may not understand this feeling, but believe me, a group of men gathering together will be happy no matter what. We need a few women to be present.”
“The barrels of beer were one gallon each, and they were piled higher than me. We drank them all. In the end, Anderson lay on the table crying. If Cheryl knew, I would look at this today. There’s no need to get married.”
After Martinez finished speaking, he walked to the long table behind him. There, the bartender was juggling three wine bottles. When he saw someone coming, he asked: “Can I have a drink? What, sir?”
“A cup of Long Island iced tea.” Han Xuan said to him eagerly.
The bartender was stunned and almost dropped the bottle in his hand. He stopped smiling and shook his index finger: “No, you are not old enough.”
Han Xuan spread his hands: “I thought there would be some surprises when I was the best man. I knew it.”
“By the way Martinez, why are they suddenly getting married? When did they propose?” Han Xuan picked up a glass of juice and said.
“I know this!”
Jones interrupted: “It’s in Montana. That place is called Lake Lee.”
“Lake Lee?”
/“Yes, Lake Lee, but we all call it Transparent Lake.” Martinez looked at it. The groom smacked his lips and said, “I didn’t expect that boy to be romantic. The average depth of Lihu Lake is more than 50 meters. The water is so clear that you can directly see the bottom of the lake, as if it were transparent. He sat in a small boat and faced Cheryl on it. Proposal.”
“You are jealous, Martinez.”
“Well, I think so.” Jones nodded, quite agreeing with Han Xuan’s words.
“No, he’s going to the grave. I still want to live a few more years!”
/“I’m so angry.”
“I didn’t!”
Anderson’s pare