mething urgent and I have to rush to the Neptune Building immediately. Sorry everyone, I have to leave first.” He quickly walked out the door.

mething urgent and I have to rush to the Neptune Building immediately. Sorry everyone, I have to leave first.” He quickly walked out the door.
The media people at the table didn’t react for a while. When Zhang Lisheng’s back stumbled and disappeared outside the door, Ruili came back to her senses and shouted with concern: “Li Sheng, you, are you okay?” Her mind was
/gone. The young man who was on the verge of collapse vaguely heard this concern that seemed to come from the distant sky. He waved his hand without looking back and staggered out of the restaurant.
The lights were on outside, it was dinner time, and there was a constant flow of people on the street. Zhang Lisheng forced himself to be calm and relied on the blurred vision that kept flashing to find his car and got in. After starting, he held the steering wheel tightly, regardless of the urban speed limit. I stepped on the accelerator all the way to the bottom.
The Jeep’s tires made a harsh “sizzling…” sound, and in just six or seven seconds, the speed went from zero to 150 miles per hour, like a sharp arrow drawing a long “S” shape. After running through the red light at the intersection, causing a series of honking horns, sudden braking sounds and rear-end collisions, he disappeared without a trace amid the curses of other drivers.
In fact, the only reason he had left was to let the young man know that his outrageous speeding in the city would soon lead to a police chase. However, it was the lesser of two evils, and at this moment he could only choose to take risks.
“Hold it, hold it, hold it Zhang Lisheng, everything is already under your control, how can you waste all your efforts because of such an inexplicable accident? Patience, patience…” Zhang Lisheng patted the steering wheel on the driver’s seat and muttered to himself. Roaring loudly, he could barely identify the direction closest to the desert, and he was galloping desperately.
Violations continued all the way, and the jeep had only passed two blocks when a uniformed police officer riding a heavy motorcycle rushed out from the side road under the dispatch of the ‘911 Command Center’.
After accelerating and paralleling the suspect vehicle, the patrol officer loudly ordered through the loudspeaker: “ls0001, ls0001, you are suspected of speeding and dangerous driving. Please stop for inspection immediately. Please stop for inspection immediately…”
Of course, Zhang Lisheng could not ignore the police’s order. Fuzzy, he continued to press the accelerator desperately.
/Seeing that his words were of no use as expected, the patrolman did not continue to talk, but accelerated the locomotive engine and rushed in front of the car, blaring the siren to clear the way for it to prevent evil casualties from happening; while calling for help from the command center, It is a pity that the area of ??the oasis city in Noah’s World cannot be compared with the area of ??the old city of the Earth Federation. Before the fastest helicopter for reinforcements arrived, the jeep had already left t