se the dense trees of the rainforest to escape.

se the dense trees of the rainforest to escape.
Unfortunately, even the natives who are familiar with the jungle cannot be faster than the island dragon whose body can transform into virtual reality and can pursue in a straight line on any complex terrain. However, after escaping a distance of thirty meters, all the natives were fatally attacked…
“It’s safe now.” “After driving the witch bugs to complete the hunt calmly and efficiently, Zhang Lisheng walked out from behind the big tree, feeling the frightened and helpless negative emotions of the dying natives, with a satisfied smile on his face. Behind
him, Tina was horrified Looking at the young man’s back, it was as if after witnessing this cruel hunting, he truly understood how cruel the man in front of him was when facing an enemy, even a potential enemy.
And Tracy had already shouted hysterically: “Death, all dead.
/It’s true that these natives are chasing someone, but we don’t know who they are chasing.
Maybe, he is a fugitive, or, or…
God, you, how could you kill so many people without asking anything…”
Zhang Lisheng ignored the girl’s shout and silently walked to the native leader who was only half a body alive. Squatting down beside him, he forcefully pulled off a string of ornaments from the neck of the native whose mouth was still opening and closing like a dead fish.
“They are cannibals, or cannibals who like to carry ‘snacks’ with them,” he turned around and walked over to Next to Tracy, who was still yelling, she said expressionlessly: “With wine-red hair that is as rare as yours, only half of your face is left. Can you recognize who he is? ”
The two girls looked at the head of a red-haired young man in Zhang Lisheng’s hand in astonishment. A thick tree rope passed through his ears. The skin and flesh had obviously been smoked, and the face flesh on one side had been eaten clean.
Cui Cui . Qian’s scream was blocked in her stomach. She was stunned for a while, and suddenly snatched the head from Zhang Lisheng’s hand: “No, God, no, no, no…” ”
Look carefully, the light here is very weak. The young man finally had a kind heart and reminded him, “Henry, Henry had an operation to treat a hemangioma on his left eye, which left a very small scar.” “Tina, who hugged Tracy tightly, said with a trembling voice.
Zhang Lisheng looked down at the completely dehydrated, oval-shaped head, which looked small, with a small pit under the eye, and whispered: “I’m sorry. . ”
/No, God, God, no…” Tracey seemed to be able to say only one sentence. She shouted at the top of her lungs for a while, then suddenly held her brother’s head in her hands and strode to where her pupils had dilated and she was only breathing. Next to the native leader, she picked up the bone knife and started chopping with all her strength. After a while, the half of the corpse was chopped into bloody pieces.
Tina hesitated and stopped, “I didn’t expect Amazon There are really cannibals here. I was blaming you just now for going on a killing spree. I didn’t expect.