cess to separate the tribe’s “soldiers” and “people”. It will take at least two or three months to complete, but Zhang Lisheng no longer has that much time.

cess to separate the tribe’s “soldiers” and “people”. It will take at least two or three months to complete, but Zhang Lisheng no longer has that much time.
In the three or four months after the New Year, he always stayed in Tudenan for a week or two on ‘Hai Xia B1 Island’, and then quickly returned to the human ‘gathering place’ to live an honest life for a few days.
This time I have been staying in the tribe for more than a month because of the construction of a fishing ground. It is really unexplainable if I don’t go back to the ‘gathering place’.
/Therefore, after clearly dividing the four hundred warrior leaders of the four thousand-man warrior teams of ‘Tudenan’, Zhang Lisheng hurriedly embarked on his return journey on the witch insect he was about to ‘transform’.
‘Ghost Face’ floated back and forth very fast in the island jungle, but from early morning to noon, it carried its owner to the dense forest outside the human ‘gathering place’.
Zhang Lisheng put away the witch bugs, put on the dirty and smelly clothes that he had deliberately spoiled, twisted his body no longer, casually tore off a slender vine from the tree and tied up his long hair, and then walked in a pretentious manner. With tired steps, he walked out of the jungle, walked through the city gate and entered the ‘gathering place’.
The human gathering place built like an ancient city seemed to be much more prosperous than when he left. Vehicles, people and natives from the ‘other world’ running around filled the streets, giving people a sense of chaos in time and space.
After eating barbecue in the “different world” that only had salty flavor for a whole month, Zhang Lisheng missed the taste of food on earth. He did not go back to the bunker first, but ran directly into the store opened by LS Group in the “gathering place”. As a result, in the store, which had been gradually visited by customers and decorated with the style of an earthly ranch, I saw three absolutely unexpected figures.
The guys at the ls butcher shop obviously couldn’t figure out that the guy in front of them, who exuded a pungent odor, was unkempt, and had weird long hair like a beggar, was their ‘big boss’.
/“Sir, this is a shop that sells meat from the earth. Anyone who is disheveled is not allowed to enter.”
“I’m Zhang Lisheng, can’t you recognize me?” Zhang Lisheng didn’t even look at the tall and muscular clerk standing in front of him, and waved his hand, his eyes straight. He looked at the three girls sitting on the sofa made of vines under the floor-to-ceiling glass window against the wall of the shop, eating steaks and looking at the strange scene outside the window with interest, and shouted loudly: “Tina, Tracey, Shelia, Why are you three here?”
Hearing this familiar shout, the girls looked in the direction of the sound in surprise. They were stunned for a second, and then Tina cheered and ran over, regardless of what the young man saw. How dirty it was to go up and kiss her directly and shout: “You’re back, Li Sheng, I’m finally waiting for you, t