oar, and raised their guns.

oar, and raised their guns.
Pooh stopped immediately and called to them. It took him more than a minute to get there. He was so tired that he sat down and panted.
The wild boars in the sheepfold raised their heads one after another.
There are only a small number of Romney sheep, so the sheep pen is not too big. They smell danger and are ready to run away. There are wooden fences all around the circle. When a piglet got out, it got stuck in the gap and made a sharp sound. Struggling, the sound was harsh.
A sow ran over, sniffed her cub, and headbutted it in panic.
The stuck piglet screamed louder, and the edge of the board scratched its skin in the commotion. The sow smelled the smell of blood and snorted loudly. She saw all the cubs running outside and couldn’t get out. anxious.
Finally, it started to lower its head and stomp on the ground, hitting the wooden railing with all its strength. It used too much force and was knocked to the ground. It quickly turned over and stood up.
The huge wild boar also noticed something unusual. He walked forward in annoyance. The railing was only as high as his chest. He stretched out his front hooves and tried to jump out, but because he was overweight, he couldn’t jump up. The sharp corners of the board were still touching his neck and the skin was not broken. , like the sow in pain, she also got angry and hit the railing.
It must be said that the cowboys were not lazy when building the sheep pen and made it very strong. Its fangs hit it and there was a click, and the one-centimetre-thick board broke, but it did not fall down yet.
/Han Xuan arrived here and happened to see this scene. He was frightened by its appearance and exclaimed: “Pigsilla!?
” Taking a breath, “Such a big wild boar!”
“Godzilla, Pigzilla.”
/After a brief explanation, Han Xuan got out of the car and trotted closer to watch.
Hearing the screams, he remembered that Obama was still in the car. He saw the white tiger with its front paws on the glass and opened the door to let it out.
“Has this pig taken medicine? Has it grown so big?” Father Han hurriedly walked to Old Barton and the others and asked.
Anderson said: “Its head does not look like a purebred wild boar. It is probably a genetically mutated breed after a cross between a wild boar and a domestic pig. I saw the teacher dissect one in school. It weighed more than 300 kilograms and was much smaller than this one.” .”
The wild boars had knocked the fence crookedly, and the pain aroused their ferocity, making them even more manic and restless.
Among herbivores, there are few animals as ferocious as wild boars. Several big pigs frantically bumped against the fence. After a whole row of wooden boards collapsed, the big wild boar quickly ran out, followed closely by the other three. I ran around, didn’t encounter any obstacles, and became a little quieter.
The trapped little pig collapsed to the ground, struggled to stand up, and ran to its companions. If other animals saw more than a dozen people, most of them would choose to run