n Kuang could tell that Li Shuangmu was also a little dissatisfied.

n Kuang could tell that Li Shuangmu was also a little dissatisfied.
“Because her name is Changsheng,” Yin Kuang said, “Tao means immortality, and the Lord Buddha reincarnates. They have a doctrinal confrontation. The water demon eating Changsheng is a metaphor. Moreover, I suspect that Changsheng is the one who caused Sha Enlightenment The reincarnation of the child who was beaten to death. It can be said that the source of this series of cause and effect is that child. It started because of him and it should end because of him. Perhaps this is why the water demon must eat her. This Everything points to the Buddha’s reincarnation and causal cycle. What I want to say is, if we save the little girl, this causal chain will continue and move towards an unknown. None of us know what consequences this will have.”
Everyone was silent. Because what Yin Kuang said is reasonable and reasonable.
“However, Buddha also advocates doing good deeds. Saving one life is better than building a seven-level pagoda.” Qiu Yun was unwilling to watch a little girl die in a demon mouth. “We save the little immortal, no matter what causal variables it will cause, But after all, we are doing good deeds to save people! If the Buddha has a problem with us because of this, then let’s not forget about this Buddha!” “
Yin Kuang admitted that what Qiu Yun said made sense, “It depends on whether it is saving or not. Save?”
All the time, everyone is faced with choices, and they are cruel choices!
When Yin Kuang and the other four rushed back to the small fishing village, Wei Pun and Hong Zhong were already driving people away loudly. Especially Hong Zhong, who was quite big and had a voice just like his name. He was as loud as a bell. He shouted: “Go quickly! Go far away! Are you still looking at me? Why don’t you risk your life to look at us!? Get away, don’t hinder us.” Get rid of the demon!” Those fishermen were originally unwilling. After all, this was their home, and there were outsiders coming to drive them away from their homes. But when I thought about the monster in the water, and when I thought about my own life, I suddenly felt that the “liveliness” down there was not good-looking at all.
Wei Pun and Hong Zhong chased people away here, and the originally quiet fishing village became noisy again. And this naturally attracted the attention of the half-fish beast monster. I saw a bloody mouth emerging from the water, roaring, looking quite angry. Then with a “swish” sound, the half-fish monster’s tongue shot out, stuck to the suspended bridge in the middle of the small fishing village, and tore it off. The people on the bridge swayed three times as they left. They screamed and howled, crawling like dogs one by one, just to survive.
/At this moment, a clear cry rang out, “Mother”
“Immortality!!” A woman shouted in horror.
Yin Kuang and others who had just arrived were shocked.
It turned out that when Hong Zhong was driving people away, he did not notice the little girl named Changsheng because there were too many people a