ord arrived, the extremely cold sword energy was already terrifying.

ord arrived, the extremely cold sword energy was already terrifying.
“Dodge!” Tan Shengge shouted, and everyone retreated.
“Escape!” Dongfang Yun held a sword in her hand and pointed it at Zhao Qingqing. “This move, ‘Shangqing Poyun Sword’, will destroy monsters like you!”
Shangqing Poyun Sword is a sword conceived by the spirits of all things in the world. , as soon as he makes a move, he has the power to break through the clouds and open the sky, and has the power to lift the sky and penetrate the earth. This summons the great achievement of Qionghua’s swordsmanship, and its power is infinite. Especially in a place with abundant spiritual energy like Pandora, coupled with Dongfang Yun’s exhaustion of life essence, it has a supreme power that can destroy heaven and earth when unleashed!
That’s why Dongfang Yun is so scared. She was completely unprepared to deal with Dongfang Yun’s desperate efforts. Or in her opinion, people cherish their lives and are afraid of death. She didn’t think Dongfang Yun and the others would really go all out. And when Dongfang Yun performed a stunt that consumed her essence, it was already too late for her to react.
Because before Dongfang Yun cast the “Shangqing Poyun Sword”, he also cast the “Thousand Directions Residual Light Sword”. The countless flying swords attacked Bei Dao and the others. They seemed powerful, but they were actually feints. They were powerful, but not very powerful. They were intended to avoid them with great force and gain space and time for the rest of the group to retreat. . However, all the true pure sword energy of the “Thousand Directions Residual Light Sword” fell on Zhao Qingqing, blocking all her escape routes.
And when a huge “Wangshu Sword” fell from the sky and penetrated Zhao Qingqing, Zhao Qingqing had no choice but to resist!
“Kill me!? Don’t even think about it!!” In a state of despair, Zhao Qingqing screamed in her heart, and then a blue smoke suddenly swept up and wrapped her in it. The smoke suddenly rose and dispersed quickly. Zhao Qingqing, on the other hand, had transformed into a huge green snake, twisting his thick body, raising his head and spitting out a stream of green smoke, which went straight towards the huge sword that he had found.
The giant sword was inserted into the green mist, but it was difficult to penetrate even an inch. The giant sword seemed to be corroded by the green mist.
“Death!” A cry came from the sword net that was flowing vertically and horizontally. A blue stream of light suddenly passed through the dazzling white light of the sword. A glance thousands of miles away, and it penetrated seven inches of the green snake!
The huge green snake suddenly let out a scream, its thick body twisted violently, its belly turned, and it hit the ground with a “bang”. The green mist disappeared, and the giant sword that had been blunted by corrosion lost its accuracy and sank into the side of the giant snake, dissipating bit by bit. Spiritual power comes from all things, and it should be retu