“Strange.” Sam murmured, and then said to Jasmine: “My dear, have a good sleep. When we wake up, we will be able to withstand the beautiful Paris.” “You are right, Sam, it is simply beautiful there. It’s heaven.” Jasmine said excitedly.

“Heaven?” Sam raised his brows inexplicably, then picked up the headphones blankly and put them on his ears.
At the moment when a familiar song
“Dust is Flying in the Wind” came from the headphones
, Sam’s expression froze in his mind, and a picture suddenly appeared: a black uncle dressed in dark clothes, with his hands in his pockets, He was lazily whistling a weird tune, and then suddenly turned around, raised the corners of his mouth, and said in a hoarse and low voice:
Death, doesn’t like to be deceived,
Bang! !
The sound of the spotlights exploding filled the entire classroom, and the dazzling white light flashed away. The classroom was empty one second, and now it was full of people.
Deathly silence, like a pool of lifeless stagnant water.
A second later, the classroom, which was originally a pool of stagnant water, began to boil like boiling water.
First there was a loud shout: “Yin Kuang! I’m going to kill you!!” This crazy and angry roar covered up the noisy sounds in the entire classroom. With his eyes red and his face distorted, Tang Zhaotian grabbed the table with a “crack” sound and threw it in the direction of Yin Kuang. Yin Kuang’s reaction was not slow either. He dodged the table that was thrown at him with one side of his body. At the same time, he kicked off his feet and rushed in front of Tang Zhaotian indifferently and silently. He clenched his fist with five fingers and made a “stab” sound. Sharp bone spurs emerged from his fist, and then he punched Tang Zhaotian in the chest.
The ghostly speed is almost difficult to catch with the naked eye. Tang Zhaotian’s ferocious face immediately solidified, “Why!? Why so fast!! Impossible, impossible! Get away, get away quickly!!”
Poof! !
No matter how much Tang Zhaotian struggled, that solid punch hit him in the chest. The sharp bone spurs penetrated directly into his body, emerged from his back, and penetrated his body directly. At the same time, a huge force hit Tang Zhaotian’s body and flew backwards, hitting the snow-white wall hard.
boom! !
As Tang Zhaotian’s body slipped from the wall, three piercing lines of blood were painted on the snow-white wall, which shocked people’s hearts.
At this moment, the originally noisy classroom suddenly became quiet again. Everyone’s eyes were focused on Yin Kuang.
Looking at Yin Kuang, his face was still indifferent, and he walked with gentle steps towards the place where Tang Zhaotian fell. Yin Kuang didn’t say a word, even his mouth was pursed and his eyes never blinked. However, just like this, he brought an inexplicable strong sense of oppression to most people in the class. So much so that no one even came out to stop Yin Kuang.
/“What are you going to do?” Tang Zhaotian’s face was pale, obviously very frightened, but the resentfu