He slapped the big wild boar on the head with his claws. When he swung again, he could already see the blood on the tips of his claws.
When Obama smelled the blood, he immediately pounced on it, opened his mouth and bit it hard on its neck!
It seems like it inherently knows where its weak points are.
The sour and fishy smell in the mouth made Obama quickly let go. He couldn’t help but feel sick when he sneezed. He trotted and squatted next to him with nausea.
The big wild boar was hit several times and soon stopped moving.
When Han Xuan trotted over to check on Pooh’s condition, the Kodiak Island brown bear, which had been “abused” by the wild boar, sat on the ground, stretched out its paws, and had a troubled expression on its face.
Han Xuan felt pain just looking at it.
Compared to the physical harm, he was more worried about Pooh’s psychological harm. The soap was picked up inexplicably, which was a huge blow to both humans and bears.
He asked Pooh, “Are you okay? Is everything okay?”
Fortunately, this was a bear with a thick skin and not so strong moral values. Otherwise, he might have found a lake and jumped into it to his death.
Unhappy for sure.
Winnie held on and shook his head, growling lowly, as if he was saying it was just a wild boar, how could he hurt the strongest self in the world? His
eyes looked at the big wild boar, it was already too dead to die. .
The hard skull has been deformed by Pooh’s beating. The power of the Kodiak Island brown bear, known as the “Land Tank”, is not something you can boast of.
The hair around Obama’s mouth was stained with red blood, and he was sticking out his tongue to lick it clean. He couldn’t wait to share the credit, and pushed the big wild boar towards his owner with his paws, wanting to honor him.
Brown bears and grizzly bears in Glacier National Park are sometimes at a disadvantage when fighting wild boars, but how can they be able to deal with it so cleanly like Pooh?
Seeing the arrival of the owners of these ferocious beasts, he suddenly felt less scary. He walked out from behind the tree and laughed and said, “I just saw the scene of them hunting. It shocked me. Hello, my name is Lai Wen, nice to meet you.”
“Hello, Mr. Levin.”
/Han Qianshan said hello and went over to explain to him that he had a hunting license.
/Pooh looked sideways at him and blinked his little eyes, remembering the old man who had just “passed out”.
Although he was very reluctant, Han Xuan still wanted to help Pooh check the wound.
He never thought that he would say the next words. He said in embarrassment and speechlessness: “Put your butt up and show me.” He
pinched his nose and checked. There was no bleeding, which meant that the injury was fine.
Seeing this big guy, he quickly ran around vigorously and vigorously, and they began to tidy up the big wild boar.
It was naturally impossible to take it all away. It weighed more than 300 kilograms. Only one hind leg was taken away. The rest was not wasted and was given to the old ranger Levin.