ny words to describe his movement.

ny words to describe his movement.
After Yin Kuang blinked, Zhao Yun had already arrived in front of Lord Black Arrow. At the same time, the white dragon silver spear thrust forward, and it suddenly looked like a silver dragon breaking through the clouds and soaring into the sky.
Venerable Black Arrow’s face was covered by a mask, so the changes in his expression could not be seen. However, Yin Kuang, who has a sharp sense of perception, caught the aura of Lord Black Arrow in chaos. In Yin Kuang’s G vision, the black fluorescence representing Lord Black Arrow was shaking violently.
/However, Venerable Black Arrow is Venerable Black Arrow. Even though his aura is disordered, his reaction is not slow. I saw him take a step forward and move backward quickly. At the same time, he pulled out three black arrows from the quiver with his left hand. He almost didn’t need to aim, he just drew the bow and shot.
Yin Kuang couldn’t help but show a horrified expression: “He actually used a bow and arrow for close combat!”
Three feather arrows, one was shot at Zhao Yun’s face, one was shot at Zhao Yun’s silver spear, and the other was shot at the place where Zhao Yun was about to land. Three arrows were shot out at the same time, but they went in three different directions. This magical archery skill is really amazing.
Although Zhao Yun has superior military strength, he is not confident at all. He knew that to despise an enemy was to commit suicide. So Zhao Yun decisively turned his arm, and the white dragon silver spear he protruded rotated. The dragon that penetrated the clouds turned into the dragon that turned over the clouds. The head of the spear shook away the arrow on the face, the middle part of the spear shook away the arrow in the middle, and the head of the spear was lifted away. An arrow on the ground.
Yin Kuang was amazed by this action. Yin Kuang boasted that if it were him, let alone three arrows, he could not block even one at such a close range.
He truly deserves to be Changshan Zhao Zilong!
However, although Zhao Yun’s block successfully blocked all the arrows, his figure was still stunned. And Venerable Black Arrow really took advantage of Zhao Yun’s attack. His body movement speed suddenly increased, and his whole body turned into a black stream of light and left far away.
“General Zhao, if we fight again in the future, it’s more important to find your little master. Hahahaha!”
Only the mad voice of Lord Black Arrow could be heard coming from all directions, but his figure disappeared into the billowing smoke and dust on the battlefield. in the smoke of gunpowder.
Zhao Yun snorted coldly and shouted: “White Dragon!”
I saw a pure white horse leaping into the air with four hooves, and came to Zhao Yun’s side in the blink of an eye. Zhao Yun almost didn’t look at it before he flipped in the air and landed on the horse’s back accurately. The cooperation between man and horse is wonderful.
/And Yin Kuang quickly found a wandering war horse, came to Zhao Yun’s side, and said, “General Zhao, m