ce, Curry was actually nothing like that when he was a child. Being favored.

ce, Curry was actually nothing like that when he was a child. Being favored.
This can be seen from the difficulty in finding video materials of their childhood.
There are really not many of them.
As for why reporters are taking pictures now, it is also very simple, because he is the son of the old Curry.
The old Curry is still well-known in the league, and the players on both sides are basically absent at the moment, and the photographers are also idle.
Sun Hao did not enter the court immediately, and stood at the entrance of the player tunnel to watch for a while.
But his His eyes have been fixed on Curry’s head.
You may not believe it, but Curry had a bald head at some point.
On the contrary, Seth Curry has short hair and looks much more handsome.
Of course, externally Image does not affect their skills.
Curry still clearly has the advantage over Seth.
That’s not just about age, everything from dribbling to shooting is better.
He even gave Seth two ruthless blocks.
The two training methods gradually widened the gap between the two.
However, unlike Gasol “tortured” Gasol Jr., the two on the court were more like playing house.
Curry’s personality is completely different from Gasol’s.
After the fight was over, Curry spotted Sun Hao first before he could go inside.
And after finding out, he threw a ball directly towards Sun Hao.
Curry pointed at the basket and yelled.
This is when I saw Sun Hao getting excited and wanted to see his super long three-pointer.
Sun Hao received the ball and glanced at his position.
At the entrance of the player tunnel, and at a negative angle, this position is not easy, and he has never tried it before.
But he would definitely not refuse the invitation from his eldest nephew.
After taking aim, he jumped up and took action.
The ball draws a long parabola in the air.
He shot into his soul.
Curry let out a cheer.
This goal was so cool.
/This scene was also captured by the photographer at the scene.
Sun Hao entered the venue and chatted with Curry for a while.
“One day I will also be able to do that.”
Seeing Curry pointing at the position where he had just shot, Sun Hao realized that he was talking about the super long three-pointer just now.
Wait, three points in the tunnel?
This seems to be Curry’s signature pre-game warm-up method?
Thinking back to the fact that the old Curry asked him to teach Curry how to shoot, how could it be that his time travel was arranged secretly?
Just like “Looking for Qin”?
I must be overthinking it.
“I have a feeling that you will definitely score a lot of points tonight.”
Curry said with a sweet mouth.
“Based on your words, I will definitely do it.”
Call it a coincidence or he can speak, but Curry’s words really hit home tonight.
Hearing Sun Hao say this, Curry was even happier.
The happiness of childhood is sometimes so simple.
And he finally took a photo with Curry.
There are not many video materials about Curry, so it is very meaningful to l