per to him.

per to him.
He wasn’t in much of a mood, he just signaled the other person to put down the newspaper, and then continued to think.
After a long time without a clue, he picked up the newspaper and read it.
And the title is extremely eye-catching.
Europe’s strongest 175.
He took a closer look and found that a man named Sun Hao won the Champions League MVP.
Two doubts emerged in his mind unconsciously.
What is the Champions League?
Why does this person named Sun Hao sound familiar?
/He read the contents of the newspaper carefully and knew that the Champions League was a new European competition in Europe and it seemed to be quite influential.
But halfway through, he wanted to curse.
This report actually used this incident to question the domestic basketball selection system, saying that it was because of the one-size-fits-all approach to height that people went to Europe.
And he also used the NBA’s Tiny Bogues and Kevin Murphy as examples to show off his knowledge.
He didn’t read the second half and skipped directly to the end of the article to read the author.
Su Qun.
He had never heard this person’s name before, and he looked like a new person.
The people in these newspapers are getting more and more excessive now.
Do they know the current situation of Chinese basketball? Do you know what a system is? Do you know how to select?
A group of laymen were still pointing and pointing.
There is a saying in China that every line is like a mountain. These people are just like those scholars in the past, showing off.
He threw the newspaper aside.
But as soon as he dropped it, he remembered someone.
Yi Jianlian.
He remembered that when Yi Jianlian went to the Hongyuan team for trial training, he followed a person. It seemed that he also had the same name?
Although it was a long time ago, because the kid had overestimated his ability and made a five-year agreement, he still had some impressions.
He picked up the newspaper and read it again.
The pixels of newspapers in this era were not very high. After reading them for a while, he shook his head.
There are many people with the same name and surname in the world, so it is impossible for them to be the same person by coincidence.
In total, it has been just over four years since that year. A person who could not even enter the professional door at the beginning has now broken the single-game scoring record in the European League?
What an international joke!
He put down the newspaper and didn’t think about it again.
But this reminded him that his greatest contribution was discovering Yi Jianlian!
This was the reason why he came to be the head coach of the Sichuan team.
Now that he wants to go back, he can rely on this!
Li Yuanwei, the old leader of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, is now a member of the National Sports Bureau.
Not to mention helping him find a job as a head coach in another province, it was just a matter of a piece of cake to arrange for him to join the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau and