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n Rio de Janeiro?
Are you afraid that others won’t know that you are a Hongmen member, so you have to write on your face and show it to the police?
Tiandihui is the predecessor of Hongmen.
It’s a pity that my father refused to let me go, so I couldn’t go in the end.
This is a Chinese organization with influence all over the world, with countless members. Han Xuan asked the old man for details, but he did not tell them.
/Because he didn’t believe it, he made an excuse to hide in the room and call his old man, only to confirm that he was really the person the old man invited to help him.
When I came out again, I heard the other party say quickly and fluently in Cantonese: “Master Han’s business is my business. You are his grandson. If you give me any orders, I will go through swords and fires. Just one word, loyalty! Back then, I, my father, Your grandfather and I are brothers, so we are brothers too! Last year, a batch of goods was seized by the US Customs. I, Mr. Han, fished out my little brother without saying a word. I want to help you with this matter. What the heck! Tell me, what are you going to do?”
Han Xuan was stunned. He had never come into contact with such a person.
Thinking about what the old man was doing, he said doubtfully in Cantonese: “May I ask, what kind of goods of yours were impounded?” ”
It’s nothing, it’s just a batch of cars. Those are not the point, what you want to know , I asked someone to ask for you. It happened that a cousin of my younger brother was watching the dead in the cemetery, and the big boss was buried there. It is said that on the day of the burial, all the archbishops passed by, and there was no one like the mayor. “Young Master, the motorcade has no end in sight. It would be great if I could be as glorious as I am after my death.”
“Mr. Yang, please tell me the key points.”
“Oh, I’m sorry.
According to my younger brother’s cousin, on the way back that day, he saw a car accident.
Moreover, the dead person wrapped in white cloth was taken away. Instead of being taken to the police station for identity verification, he was directly sent to the cemetery for burial.
Because the car involved in the accident was a good car, a Bentley produced by your company, so at that time He looked at it a few more times.
But the guy told me that he had forgotten the license plate.
After I went to find him in person, he suddenly remembered that the initials were CC. The reason why he came so late was to deal with that matter.
I asked my friend, and he told me that your friend’s father owned a Bentley.
/It happened that one of my younger brothers’ wives was a traffic policeman, so I asked her to help with the investigation. The license plate was CCM-123, and it was probably that car.
” This guy is indeed very powerful, otherwise how could he know so many people? After this thought flashed through Han Xuan’s mind, he frowned and started thinking.
Maybe Isabelle’s parents didn’t go to the funeral that day, but didn’t go there. Since there was no news of death