a hesitated for a moment and pounced slowly, causing Yannakis to yell from the sidelines.

a hesitated for a moment and pounced slowly, causing Yannakis to yell from the sidelines.
Like Bodiloga’s three-pointer, Ribraka is used to staying in the three-second zone, even if Yannakis specifically told him to change defense quickly during a timeout.
However, it is not easy to change people’s habits after they are formed.
Sun Hao’s three-point chance.
The ball traces a parabola in the air.
At this moment, Mamba was possessed and the basketball smashed out of the frame.
He hasn’t made any outside shots since the game started, and he hasn’t found his touch yet.
Riburaka retreated to collect the rebound, but Garbajosa had already entered the inside early and jumped high to grab the offensive rebound.
Libraka’s long arm interferes.
However, Garbajosa didn’t seem to want to directly attack again. He raised the ball and directly returned it to Sun Hao on the outside.
Panathinaikos’ attention was attracted by Garbajosa, and Sun Hao got another three-point chance after receiving the ball.
Same parabola.
The difference is that this time the basketball passed through the net.
9 to 8!
Sun Hao’s three-pointer begins!
Yannakis spread his hands and looked at Ribraka with no expression on his face.
Obviously, he was dissatisfied with the performance of the new MVP just now.
Ribraka looked aggrieved. Sun Hao’s attack speed was too fast. Even if he didn’t hesitate, he might not be able to make it in time.
/Bodiloga came over and whispered to him for a while.
Ribraka’s mood has improved a lot. Apart from the head coach, the only person he serves is Bodiloga.
Panathinaikos advanced to the frontcourt, and Bodiloga still held the ball.
However, unlike all previous rounds, Bodiloga did not attack with the ball, but signaled his teammates to cross positions.
When Real Madrid’s interior defense was mobilized, he suddenly accelerated past Trinidad and rushed in.
Real Madrid tightened its defense. Bodiroga looked at the frame, but the ball in his hand disappeared.
The ball flew straight to the bottom corner.
no look pass!
Pass the ball without looking!
The teammate lurking in the corner received the ball completely unguarded and shot a three-pointer.
The basketball hit the net.
Panathinaikos’ scoring continues!
Assist from Bodilloga.
Sun Hao continued to make pick-and-roll three-pointers in the frontcourt. This time, Libraka made a timely save, but Sun Hao’s step back failed to hit a long three-pointer.
Panathinaikos protects the defensive rebound.
After advancing to the frontcourt, Bodiloga broke through before the players on both sides were completely in position.
Trinidad and Prigioni, who were retreating, pounced.
At this moment, a legendary scene appeared.
/By the time he turned ninety degrees, the ball had been pulled to the level of his head, and he passed the ball backwards in the air, grazing his head.
The ball was passed too elegantly. By the time Trinidad and Prigioni reacted, the ball had already reached the hands of their t