de, and the ball-free side is the other side.

de, and the ball-free side is the other side.
Adjust Trinidad to the off-ball side. Because he is not on the same side as Sun Hao, it is impossible for the defensive players to let him go and then cross the half court to double-team.
Because that would mean letting Trinidad cut in, and Sun Hao could wait for the defensive player to pass the ball steadily across the half court.
/In fact, no one would be stupid enough to cross half the court to double-team. If Real Madrid adjusts like this, the opponent will most likely be double-teamed by substitutions.
It was also a double-team, but the situation was completely different from before.
Because everyone else in the Real Madrid team has certain shooting ability, including Garbajosa, who also has a long range.
Sun Hao’s suggestion gave Lasso a new idea, and Lasso quickly made targeted tactical arrangements.
In the next training session, a new team tactic was born.
Sun Hao and Garbajosa’s pick-and-roll attack.
Sun Hao’s three-point ability is excellent, and Garbajosa’s ability to cut into the frame is very strong. The technical characteristics of the two determine that the opponent will have difficulty choosing.
Once they choose to double-team Sun Hao, Nagabajosa will get a chance.
And if they choose not to double-team or switch defenses, Sun Hao can take advantage of the opponent’s defensive time difference and directly shoot a three-pointer.
Even if the opponent does not double-team and chooses to switch defenses, Sun Hao can still play small and large.
All in all, based on the advice given by Sun Hao, Russo created a tactic that is most suitable for the team at this stage.
After two days of training, the pick-and-roll tactics between the two began to be used in the game against Andorra Riviera, and they were used from the beginning.
Russo also stood on the sidelines as soon as the game started, looking slightly nervous.
The reason why this tactic was thought of and put into use so quickly was not because of his strong coaching ability, but because before that, Prigioni and Garbajosa often played pick-and-rolls.
After all, in European basketball, you can’t get away with pick-and-roll tactics.
Now that the pick-and-roller has been replaced by Sun Hao from Prigioni, Russo is worried about Sun Hao’s passing ability.
But after the game actually started, he found that his worries were unnecessary.
When Prigioni and Garbajosa are in the pick-and-roll, they often break through. At this time, more breakthrough techniques will be used.
But the pick-and-roll between Sun Hao and Garbajosa was exactly the opposite. He basically went outside.
Correspondingly, Garbajosa basically cuts inward.
In fact, the opponent did not dare to let Garbajosa do this.
Given Garbajosa’s ability in La Liga, as long as Sun Hao passes the ball, scoring points is a high probability event.
So in the end, nothing happened that Russo was worried about.
After not being double-teamed, Sun Hao’s outside scoring ability was released again. He once again scored 1