the Clippers, defeating the Mavericks, and finally winning the Magic, it’s full of gold!

the Clippers, defeating the Mavericks, and finally winning the Magic, it’s full of gold!
When the final whistle sounded, James couldn’t hide his emotions and burst into tears.
Others may not know that after failing to challenge Sun Hao time and time again, especially after losing last season, he once had the idea of ??leaving Denver.
But in the end, he persisted!
The cheers were loud, and James enjoyed the spotlight.
But at this time, in a corner that many people didn’t notice, Iverson was sitting on the bench, holding his head in a towel and crying.
Next to him is Eric Snow, who switched to the Nuggets in the new season and doesn’t have much playing time, but is his teammate from the 76ers.
He slapped Iverson on the shoulder, just like he had done with the Sixers in the past.
Although he is no longer the star of the team, he can no longer score 48 points against the “OK combination” like he did in 2000.
But compared to that, the ending in front of him was obviously what he wanted more.
Eight years later, he finally got his wish and won the trophy. It can be said that he has no regrets in his entire career!
And although he is not the leader of the team, he averaged 18.7 points and 7.5 assists in the finals, making him a solid second choice.
/Not to mention his priceless buzzer-beater in G5.
This is the most perfect redemption of his career.
Snow patted Iverson on the shoulder, then sat down and talked a lot with Iverson.
Finally, Iverson took off the towel, raised his head and stood up.
His eye circles and the entire eye socket were red.
At this moment, the live camera finally turned from James’ side to Iverson’s side.
Iverson’s face was projected onto the LED screen and live broadcast.
Suddenly, the whole audience burst into cheers.
For many fans at the scene, if James represents the present, then Iverson is the memory.
Seeing that the former “lonely hero” finally got what he wanted, they also felt an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.
Including Sun Hao, when he saw this scene, he felt something very different.
You see, his retirement is actually not all bad.
The award ceremony followed on the spot, followed by the selection of FMVP.
James averaged 25.6 points, 10.4 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game and was successfully elected as the Finals MVP.
It is worth mentioning that Iverson also received 3 votes in this selection, which also shows the media’s recognition of his performance.
After receiving the FMVP trophy, James gave an acceptance speech.
That speech, well, it sounds very Sun Hao-like.
At the end of his speech, he inevitably mentioned Sun Hao.
“He is my goal and inspires me to keep moving forward. He is the greatest basketball player. We all hope he comes back soon.”
In other words, James has the highest emotional intelligence.
/Sun Hao, who was watching the live broadcast, felt very comfortable listening to this section.
Although, these words are actually the truth.
At the end, James shouted those words:
“Denver, This Is For You!!”