ossessions is much more.

ossessions is much more.
McGrady picks and rolls again and again, and it’s still a pull-up from the outside.
There’s more!
The Wizards are determined to drag the game into a tiebreaker!
8 to 10!
O’Neal played in the frontcourt again. This time, in addition to Uncle Huo, the Wizards also shrank toward the basket.
The 36-year-old Shark suddenly produced the effect of a 29-year-old.
O’Neal did not attack again this time, but distributed the ball to Ariza on the outside.
You think Zhang Fei is a reckless man, but in fact, his leader can defeat Zhang He!
O’Neal’s golf IQ is so high!
Ariza caught the ball and shot a three-pointer.
The impact of Sun Hao’s comeback!
The Lakers’ role players are still on high!
McGrady was a little anxious. He caught the ball in the frontcourt and shot directly at Ariza, hoping for an Answerball.
However, Ariza’s defense is not bad, and this ball caused interference.
The pose is still picturesque, but the result is a black mamba.
The basketball hit the frame and Mourning protected the defensive rebound.
O’Neal split the ball again in the frontcourt, and this time it was Payton who received the ball.
It’s a pity that Payton’s three-pointer was not stable, and the ball came up short and hit the front of the basket.
It was a long rebound, and Yao Ming threw it out.
What no one expected was that O’Neal suddenly jumped up.
/The moment the basketball bounced off the basket, O’Neal used both hands to dunk directly!
Then, what is even more unexpected is the back.
O’Neal’s 160-kilogram body hit the basket, and then hung down hard.
accompanied by an overwhelming voice.
The basket, which had been ravaged by O’Neal since the beginning, was completely pulled down by O’Neal! !
Behind him, the basket fell to the ground like a conquered woman.
Don’t ask why O’Neal runs so fast, because he has done it too many times to dunk on the basket or even the basket frame!
According to incomplete statistics, including formal and informal games, O’Neal has smashed a total of 18 baskets in his career so far!
This includes shattering the backboard glass, pulling down the entire basket, and also including the
eighteen ways O’Neal used to abuse the frame by directly pulling the basket off. He also has a very interesting nickname: Basketball. Basket quality inspector!
Whether this box is OK or not depends on whether O’Neal dunks it or not!
In fact, as early as 2000, ESPN produced a highlight of O’Neal dunking the basket, and the ratings in North America at that time exploded.
In basketball, dunking on the rim represents your strength. It is also a display of violence that has more visual impact than dunking. It is something that players are proud of.
This is also an important reason why fans like O’Neal so much.
Who doesn’t love a big fat guy who is funny, has high EQ, is dominant and violent?
But if you watch the ESPN highlights carefully, you will find one thing, that is, the pixels of the scenes in it are a bit