e guarded Garnett for three consecutive rounds and could only turn outside for a jump shot, and once he was directly intercepted.

e guarded Garnett for three consecutive rounds and could only turn outside for a jump shot, and once he was directly intercepted.
Not to mention the fact that he was guarding Stoudemire and he missed three shots.
This kind of role player is simply a treasure in the small ball era.
Of course, as a surprise player in this era, his contribution within the effective time is also very impressive.
Bynum learned a lesson from the experience. This time he did not confront Hayes, but used his height advantage to directly hit Hayes high.
This kind of ball is what Hayes can do theoretically.
But what Bynum didn’t expect again was that Hayes actually jumped up!
In addition to the stability of the lower body, this guy’s lower body strength is also strong.
Although it was a bit unrealistic to cover him, his excellent wingspan still successfully interfered with him.
This is also his biggest advantage over Landry, his partner on the court.
In the NBA, there are no short big men who can play center without a short wingspan.
Bynum’s shot hit the back edge of the basket, and he hit the basket again!
He singled Hayes twice in a row, but failed both times in a row.
And when he wanted to grab the board again, Landry flew into the paint and grabbed the defensive rebound!
The Warriors currently lack the height of the two inside men on the court, but their enthusiasm is off the charts!
However, Landry’s passing awareness is still worse than that of Hayes, and the Warriors did not start this wave of fast breaks.
After advancing to the frontcourt, Livingston held the ball and organized a wave.
Sun Hao’s three-point shot from the outside was interfered by Kobe and missed.
The ball was a long rebound. Hayes predicted it accurately, ran out with Bynum in his way, and actually grabbed the offensive rebound.
This time, not only the fans, but also Miller in the commentary box were dumbfounded.
The last short player who could surprise him so much was Ben Wallace!
But the more surprising thing was yet to come. After Hayes grabbed the rebound, he lowered his center of gravity so low that he almost touched the ground.
The advantage of this is that it is very difficult for Bynum to steal the ball from his hand because he cannot bend down!
Anyone who has watched the ball knows that the taller the player, the harder it is for them to lower their center of gravity. Many times the ball from the defender is too low for them to catch.
/Hayes is short in height and can easily be taken away when he lifts the ball. He can easily be photographed if he holds it in front of his chest. However, this time he put the ball to the ground, which really makes him feel a bit helpless.
And just when Artest came to help defend and prepare to grab the ball directly, he directly hit the ball from Artest’s crotch and passed it to Durant in the bottom corner!
There was an uproar.
Miller exclaimed at this time.
As a substitute player, Hayes’ performance as a surprise player can be described as incredi