e Warriors were really two different teams tonight in the first and second halves!

e Warriors were really two different teams tonight in the first and second halves!
After the timeout, the old Dunleavy of the Clippers directly replaced all the main players on the field.
For the Warriors, Old Nelson also changed into the main force. The two sides entered the decisive battle ahead of schedule!
The score on the court was 92 to 83. With this point difference, the Warriors had a good chance.
Of course, the Los Angeles fans at the scene were not panicked, because Kobe was back!
Kobe lived up to expectations, breaking through Livingston and causing a layup that caused the latter’s thug to foul.
He made two steady free throws to help the Clippers open the score to double digits again.
But looking back, Durant received Sun Hao’s sudden pass from the outside and hit a three-pointer.
After the Warriors started the point-chasing mode, their offensive end was unstoppable.
Kobe Bryant scored again and again for the Clippers, but could not stop the Warriors’ continuous momentum of chasing points.
When the game reached one minute before the end, the score on the field was 108!
The Warriors were like running a marathon. They fell behind sharply in the first half, then caught up in the second half, and finally were shoulder to shoulder with their opponents when the finish line was in sight.
Now, this is the final sprint moment.
The Clippers have the ball!
Kobe catches the ball high in the frontcourt.
The Warriors double-teamed again, but this time Kobe didn’t choose to pass the ball.
/As mentioned before, Kobe and Sun Hao are the same type of people, and the person they trust more at critical moments is themselves.
However, Kobe’s skills are more mature than before. He did not force the shot against the double team, but turned around and moved a few steps toward the baseline.
These steps also create shooting space for him to shoot.
Before the double team could be re-formed, he turned sharply toward the baseline and leaned back.
This ball is very difficult.
This ball also made many fans unconsciously picture Sun Hao shooting in their minds.
Tonight’s two protagonists have both taken similar shots from this position.
It’s just that Sun Hao’s turn and back was faster, while Kobe’s was even wider.
One kidney is good and the other waist is good!
The same thing is, their difficult shots all hit!
With two crucial points, the Clippers got a crucial lead at the last minute!
There were bursts of cheers at the scene.
Although it is a bit annoying to lead by 24 points at most and be tied, but as long as the game can be closed, it no longer matters.
After all, winning by 20 points and winning by 2 points have the same result.
“Defend! Defend!”
The fans also began to cheer for the home team in unison.
Sun Hao caught the ball and was double-teamed, passed the ball to Durant, and Durant was double-teamed again!
The Clippers also showed their best defensive form at the last moment.
However, the Warriors’ offensive status remained intact, and Sun Hao used La