the Imperial Capital for another two days and formally signed a series of relevant agreements on equity transfer with Ding San.

the Imperial Capital for another two days and formally signed a series of relevant agreements on equity transfer with Ding San.
On January 10, NetOne issued an announcement on the shareholder changes to shareholders on Nasdaq. The introduction of new investors caused Net One’s stock to soar that day, doubling in value and closing at 66 cents.
However, after all, “Parallel Capital” is not a well-known investor. It is completely unknown in the venture capital world. In addition, the Internet winter is still raging, and the surge in NetEase’s stock price is just a flash in the pan. As soon as the news is over, it will die again. The price fluctuated between sixty and seventy cents.
/“Dong dong dong” Wang Bo raised his hand and knocked on the door. Waited a few seconds and knocked again.
“Are you going out and not at home?” Wang Bo, who didn’t knock on the door, frowned and knocked a few more times. Two minutes later, the security door was still tightly closed.
“It seems that this surprise is not a surprise.” Wang Bo shook his head, took out his cell phone, and started to call Jiang Mei.
Wang Bo was stunned on the spot.
“Turn off the phone? Meimei turned off the phone? Turn off my phone?” Wang Bo’s eyes widened as he stared at the phone that kept ringing “The number you dialed has been turned off.” It was almost unbelievable. Jiang Mei was always impatient to answer his calls, fearing she would be half a step too late! Even if she had something very important at hand, such as having a meeting with employees, she would ask them to wait and answer his call first. Wang Bo never thought that Jiang Mei would shut down Wang Bo’s trap!
Wang Bo quickly thought of what happened when he returned to his hometown in Sifang not long ago. First, Zhang Jing, a classmate who confessed his love to him, and then Dong Zhen’s new boyfriend. Wang Bo lowered his head and looked at the phone with only blind tone in his hand, and then looked at the closed security door in front of him. A terrible thought suddenly came into his mind:
“Meimei, she doesn’t know how to do it.” The more he thought about it, the more frightened he became. The urge to open the security door in front of me with one kick.
He turned on his cell phone and started calling the rice noodle shop, asking them about the whereabouts of their manager Jiang.
“Manager Jiang? Manager Jiang is off today!” said the other end of the phone.
“You haven’t been here all day?”
“You haven’t been here all day! Oh, I came here once at noon and stayed for about half an hour,” the clerk said.
“Is that so? That’s it.” Wang Bo hung up the phone.
He stood at the door of Jiang Mei’s room for about ten minutes. During this period, neighbors on the floor kept coming and going, and many people looked at him with suspicion.
“Oh, forget it, standing here is not an option. Let’s go back first.” Wang Bo, who felt a little uncomfortable being looked at by several waves of people, sighed and took the elevator back to his apartment.
Wang Bo sat at home for a while, feeling ver