t will definitely kill them if not treated in time! Even if you get treatment, you will probably die!

t will definitely kill them if not treated in time! Even if you get treatment, you will probably die!
The hairs on the keeper’s back stood up and the soles of his feet felt cold.
This thick-tailed monkey must have been bitten by them after breaking the glass. There were originally two red-backed spiders here.
Check your clothes and pants quickly!
If you don’t see any spiders, go out cautiously and check to see if there are any spiders when you open the door.
Run in a hurry to find the boss. Before you find them, you have to seal off the zoo!
And what about the two spiders?
A redback spider was unfortunately eaten by a robin that lives only at Giles Zoo.
There were seven beautiful bluebirds in a row on the telephone pole. One of them suddenly fell down.
Another red-backed spider had just spun a new web not far from the bamboo forest, waiting for its prey to come.
/Unexpectedly, I felt that I was going somewhere, so I left the net and ran towards the bamboo forest very fast!
Han Xuan put on a light blue isolation gown and a mask.
Carefully wash your hands with disinfectant, wipe them clean, and then reach out to the red panda.
Unlike the hard fur of adult pandas, the fur of panda cubs has just grown out and feels good to the touch.
The red panda sat in the hay with a look of comfort and enjoyment on its face.
It rolled over and was too round to stand up. Its limbs were dangling in the air. Han Xuan quickly straightened it up.
Anya also stretched out her finger and tapped its head. Unexpectedly, the little guy raised his head and wanted to bite it. His face instantly fell. He was actually disgusted by the baby panda.
Old Giles smiled and said: “They are omnivorous animals. People who don’t come into contact with them often may be attacked, so it’s better to be careful.”
Anya wanted to touch it but didn’t dare to touch it. When she saw Han Xuan pointing behind it, her eyes lit up. Go around quickly.
The red panda is still not used to strangers touching it, but its body is too clumsy and it can’t turn its head.
I found that Sheikh had handed me a fresh bamboo shoot, and I immediately focused my attention on it. I held it in my arms and was excited, shaking my head.
Seeing Anya smiling happily, Han Xuan also laughed. He turned to old Giles and said, “I just discovered that there are so many endangered and protected animals here. How did you get them?” ”
That, haha!
My family My ancestor and Darwin were classmates at the University of Edinburgh, both studying medicine.
Later we met to travel around the world. Speaking of which, my ancestor’s name was mentioned in “The Origin of Species”.
From him onwards,
several generations of our Giles family, They are all engaged in zoological research.
In order to keep the bloodline pure, I need to constantly exchange with other zoos. The money I earn from them is also invested in them.
Like the white-tip dolphin and the sickle-winged chicken, China has not seen it for many years. Maybe the few here are the last few in the world.