re chemical, which is harmful when eaten, and can easily form dependence, and the more In the end, the effect will be worse, and the body will be broken down, and no matter how much it is replenished, it will not be able to repair it.

“As for the market issue you are worried about, let me tell you this, Victor, there is definitely no market for ‘Jiaobao’ among the general public. It is too expensive and people cannot afford it, but a bottle of wine costs over 7,000 yuan. In the rich and powerful circle, this thing of yours, no matter how expensive it is, it doesn’t matter. To them, it is much more valuable than the 82 Lafite. You don’t have to worry about sales at all, it’s all taken care of by my brother. How about it? , Bro, are you interested? As long as you nod, I am confident that I will make your ‘Jiabao’ a Chinese Lafite, a luxury among luxury goods, making you the most popular person in the elite circle and upper class society! ”
China’s Lafite? ” The most popular person in the elite circle, the upper class? Wang Bo only felt that his breathing was stagnant, and his head suddenly became dizzy, as if he was floating in the clouds.
So, should we do it or not? Happy alone or happy together?
At this time, Wang Bo saw Jiang Mei sitting next to him, quietly listening to him answer the phone. His eyes suddenly lit up. If Jiang Mei was given the task of “industrializing Jiaduobao”, would he be able to do it? Did you take Jiang Mei to the Magic City for an honest reason?
As for whether to really industrialize and carry out large-scale production so that more people can enjoy the benefits of JianJian Bao, Wang Bo feels that it is better not to do it first. It is not that he is narrow-minded, but once it is industrialized, the secret recipe of “JianJian Bao” It definitely can’t be saved. A secret that two people know is no secret. If they were to open a factory and purchase raw materials, it would be impossible for Jiang Mei not to let others know about it. This thing is not high-tech. As long as you know the raw materials and formula, others can easily copy it. At that time, there will be no commercial espionage or bribery and exploitation of key employees in the company.
Moreover, no matter how rare something is, once it is produced in large quantities, it will soon fall to a bargain price.
/Therefore, the way to maintain the mystery and rarity of “Jiabao” is to carry out production in small family workshops as before.
Paying attention to the established situation and solving the excuse of letting Jiang Mei follow him to the Magic City, Wang Bo suddenly felt happy. He turned his head and glanced at Jiang Mei’s face, then suddenly leaned forward and whispered something in the woman’s ear. Jiang Mei’s cheeks suddenly turned red, and her pretty face turned red. She quickly glanced at the still majestic, high-spirited and smug “Little Wang Bo” between the little man’s legs, and then glared at him fiercely and full of anger. He glanced at it, then curled up his white fingers and hooked the hair hanging by