me. This is because of this factor.

me. This is because of this factor.
However, after he took the initiative to give the girl a bag worth more than 10,000 yuan, the girl then took the initiative to hold his arm. Throughout the afternoon and evening, the two held hands like lovers in love, their fingers almost intertwined. After they were separated, Wang Bo’s mind changed, becoming no longer pure and having thoughts.
However, he still hesitated. Judging from the chat last night, the guy named Gou Yongye obviously didn’t do anything with Ning Qian. There is a high possibility that the girl next to him who he likes very much is still a virgin!
No one dislikes virgin girls who are pure, clean, and have not been “contaminated” by other men, and Wang Bo is certainly no exception.
/However, in addition to more spiritual satisfaction for male chauvinist self-esteem, virginity also means trouble. Now, he doesn’t want to find any girlfriend for himself. He already has enough girlfriends, which are enough to make him suffer and “annoy” him. Now he just wants to be happy, simple, unburdened happiness! And the first girl is obviously not a good target.
Of course, if he is a big bad guy who only cares about his own pleasure, throws it away if he enjoys it, and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings, then that’s a different story.
/But no matter in any sense, Wang Bo felt that he was still far away from the kind of outright bad guy who had sores on his head and pus on his soles. Otherwise, you won’t be sad and painful when several girlfriends leave one after another, and you will have to go to the romantic city to heal your wounds.
On one side was the desire in his heart, on the other was the condemnation of his conscience. At this moment, as he walked towards the door of the hotel, Wang Bo’s heart was full of contradictions and entanglements. On the one hand, he warned himself to take a warning and not to imitate Gou Yongye, who didn’t understand the charm, and was laughed at by others, such as his generosity, and laughed out loud; on the other hand, he kept repeating that he had hurt enough girls. Too much, don’t hurt an innocent, pure and kind girl just to vent your lust.
At this time, Wang Bo began to regret a little. He felt that he and Ning Qian had come back too early. He thought that if the two of them continued to hang out, some unexpected changes might happen, and he would not have to be like this. Suffering.
All kinds of thoughts and ideas flashed and annihilated in the mind. After thinking about it, the small and luxurious hotel door of the “Ibis” hotel quickly arrived.
After walking in, Wang Bo couldn’t turn a blind eye to the kind smile and hello voice of the former waitress who had changed into another face at the counter, so he sighed and walked towards the counter. .
“Qianqian, ask her if she still has a room?” Wang Bo looked at Ning Qian and said softly. Since the girl took the initiative to hold his arm, he wisely changed the name of the girl from her first name to her nickname. .
A beautiful girl who was older than him