ing for Si Yajing. Wen Liang smiled and said, “Thank you, Ninth Brother!”

ing for Si Yajing. Wen Liang smiled and said, “Thank you, Ninth Brother!”
After saying that, and walked away, An Baoqing opened his mouth and said, He wanted to talk about the situation of the woman who was locked up, but for some reason, when he thought of the gentle look in his eyes that day, he couldn’t open his mouth.
/Leaving the big world, Wen Liang looked at the time. It was almost ten o’clock in the evening. After thinking for a while, he decided to go find Zuo Yuxi. The two of them had a romantic relationship in the apartment in Emperor Garden. Although they were not really in love, they still talked about their lovesickness. Wen Liang held her little hand and explained his plans in detail. Finally, he asked: “Have you had any plans in Guanshan?” Ask a reliable friend to help you register a company with a capital of 10 million yuan. Of course, you just need to go through the capital verification procedures and leave me a wallet.”
Zuo Yuxi frowned and said: “Actually, There’s no need to go to such trouble, I have friends in the four major banks, and I can loan out any project with a limit of several million, so why go through such a big circle like this?”
Wen Liang gently stroked the palm of her hand, feeling like jade. He said with such warmth and coolness: “You are a member of the officialdom after all. It’s better not to get involved in business matters. The wider the circle, the more risks you and I can be minimized. It doesn’t matter if you are proud of yourself now, but in the future It’s hard to guarantee that no one will jump out and use this as an excuse to cause trouble. Just smile and treat it like a little man’s self-esteem. Stop pouting.”
/Zuo Yuxi smiled and leaned in his arms like a lazy little boy. Cat: “Well, tomorrow, I will get this matter right. What is the name of your company and whose name is the legal person?” When he
came out of Zuo Yuxi’s house, there was no pedestrian in sight on the road, and the cold wind was blowing along his sleeves. It penetrated into the skin, arousing a biting coldness. Wen Liang smiled bitterly and tightened his collar. Perhaps because of Si Yajing, his concentration was getting worse and worse when facing Zuo Yuxi. If he hadn’t seen the flash of panic in her eyes just now, he would have He almost forced her to do that thing of making clouds and rain.
If that’s true, even if Zuo Yuxi doesn’t mind, he won’t forgive himself!
He had a strong heart and told Zuo Yuxi to sleep obediently, but the consequence of being a gentleman is to walk alone on the streets of Qingzhou at midnight, with dark clouds and jackdaws neighing. It looks like a top-notch horror movie. beginning. Wen Liang was not afraid of ghosts, but he was really tired today, so he looked around to try his luck, maybe he could find a taxi. At this time, Qingzhou was not as good as in later generations. After twelve o’clock, it was generally difficult to get a taxi unless you were at the door of a bar or dance hall.
This sight made Wen Liang frown. A black and dilapidated Santana wa