on’s reaction was faster than during the Christmas game. He had already gotten up from the bench and walked to the sideline in advance.

on’s reaction was faster than during the Christmas game. He had already gotten up from the bench and walked to the sideline in advance.
It seems that as long as Sun Hao scores a goal, he will be greeted by double teams.
Sun Hao, of course, played alone.
Seeing that the Warriors were not double-teamed, he lowered his focus and began to attack Thompson.
Since gaining weight, Sun Hao has experienced the joy of playing like James Harden in history, and the proportion of low-post offense has also increased.
Speaking of history, Kobe would grab O’Neal’s low position, partly because he gained weight.
This thing is probably the same as male instinct.
Of course, Sun Hao’s singles play is rhythmic, switching back and forth between hard and soft.
After a few hard confrontations, a turning layup followed.
/Thompson is alert enough, but he doesn’t dare to let go of Sun Hao’s shooting ability!
This step also made the fans wet.
I don’t know if anyone will still know this technology in a few years!
Just after Sun Hao scored the goal, Nelson decisively reached out and made a new defensive gesture.
No need to guess, it is impossible for Sun Hao to get such an easy singles opportunity again.
Of course, that’s also a matter for the Lakers’ next offensive round.
With Sun Hao’s scoring, at least the Warriors’ offensive rhythm has slowed down.
Entering the positional battle, Durant suddenly passed the ball to Curry on the outside. Curry changed direction to get rid of Butler’s three-point shot!
Although he failed to stop Curry’s shot, Butler really interfered.
Maybe only Sun Hao, who has opened his eyes, will not be surprised by Butler’s performance. Anyway, everyone else is surprised now.
Butler has made great progress this season, but his height, wingspan and other talents are mediocre. But what the hell is the “Couric star flavor” that he has been playing from the Christmas game to now.
One offense and one defense, the Lakers’ performance was impressive.
The most direct feeling of the fans is that the Lakers did not collapse after Yao Ming came off the court!
Sun Hao caught the ball in the low post, and Oden on the weak side decisively let go of Smith and double-teamed him.
Sun Hao, a fake jump pass in the direction of Smith!
In this technical movement, Sun Hao fully demonstrated his body control ability in training.
After deceiving Oden, he jumped and shot backward while getting rid of two defenders.
The ball hit the hitting area on the backboard, then bounced into the net bag in the astonished eyes of Oden and Thompson!
Double-teaming failed to prevent Sun Hao from scoring!
This wave of consecutive points made the Lakers bench boil.
Yao Ming also took the new towel handed by the staff from behind and stood up to shake it for Sun Hao.
Losing control of emotions is temporary, but the emotion of the game lasts throughout the night.
10 to 16.
After Sun Hao scored 4 points in a row, the point difference on the field returned to 6 points.
The Warriors advanced to the