g, but still stole a floral scarf. It was just a perverted pursuit of excitement. This kind of thing happens more and more now.

g, but still stole a floral scarf. It was just a perverted pursuit of excitement. This kind of thing happens more and more now.
But if you encounter it, even if you are unlucky, the “Er Song” of the Yuehai Group is not just a representative of the National People’s Congress or a philanthropic businessman. Yang Zhengqi said with a hidden warning in his tone.
Zhang Lisheng, however, did not understand this kind of speaking skills and asked stupidly: “What’s not simple?” ”
Yang Zhengqi shut up, made a gesture to tell Zhang Lisheng to get out of the car, and never answered again.
The haze of the bloody murder the night before yesterday was continuing to ferment in the mountain village.
Most of the local Chinese tourists, They have all left the mountain village, but at the same time, some young foreign tourists happily poured into Yuwo Village from other tourist attractions in western Sichuan.
/Their tourist holy place is the one where they can still smell blood. The smell of the old Zhang family house.
This result is not surprising, and has nothing to do with courage. It is simply a difference in civilization.
In the traditional civilization of the Chinese people, the attitude towards ghosts and gods is to stay away; As a Westerner, he likes to investigate supernatural events.
When Zhang Lisheng stepped out of the police car, he encountered the attention of some villagers and foreign tourists. The difference was that the eyes of the villagers in Yuwo Village were full of fear, while the eyes of the foreign tourists were full of fear. His expression looked very curious.
When Zhang Lisheng got out of the car, Yang Zhengqi also walked out of the police car and watched Zhang Lisheng slowly walk towards the ancient house along the stone path in the mountain village.
The villagers who saw this scene couldn’t help but whisper. Said: “Isn’t that person the captain of the police station? Why did he personally escort the mountain, bah, personally escort Li Sheng ‘old man’ back to the village? ”
What happened to the captain? He is just a mortal who has met the ‘supernatural power’. But it is not easy to talk about this kind of thing now. Be careful of being eaten by worms.” ”
“What you say, you wilted child, is so perplexing. ”
Okay, without further ado, I’m going to ask you one more thing. Ermu is mourning, and you said we…”
“You really don’t care about your life, and you still bring this up.”
Ermu broke through the door of the Zhang family’s house and ended up on his knees with his heart, liver and lungs dripping all over the floor. It’s not like you didn’t see him. I’m afraid his family wouldn’t dare to hold this funeral for him, so of course we were pretending. ”
Chapter 20: Plans failed
. The mountain road was narrow, and the chatter was actually not as small as those mountain people who flashed to the roadside with smiling faces imagined. These similar words kept lingering in Zhang Lisheng’s ears all the way until he walked into the house. .
Only then did Zhang Lisheng vaguely under