ty years, she will not be able to farm anymore. By then, there will be a frail old lady and a whole day. Who will support the old man lying on the bed?

Not to mention how big a blow Wang Xuedong’s arrest would have on the family. Maybe someone in the family would die before Wang Xuedong’s case went to court.
The two old people had no hope, no hope, and life was meaningless. Living meant suffering, and being laughed at for every day they lived. Thinking about it, it was entirely possible for them to commit suicide.
Ding Yang thought that the old secretary’s words were very reasonable. The key was not to be accommodating. He took a puff of cigarette and sighed: “Zhishu Chen, things are not as simple as you think. Nowadays, big cities have too much control over the migrant population.” Strict, Donghai can be said to be the strictest in the country. If you are caught without a temporary residence permit, you will be fined. After the fine is paid, you will have to apply for a new one. Once the reissue is issued, there will be his record, and you can find it out after checking online! Even if he did not apply for a temporary residence permit, And if he was lucky enough not to be caught, where could he escape? Nowadays, everything is done under the real-name system. If he goes to the train station to buy a ticket, the railway police will know it immediately. He is being chased online and across the country, but Skynet has no way out. Escape.”
In order to make the old party secretary completely give up the idea of ??bargaining with his colleagues in Shenzhen, Ding Yang said while the iron was hot: “Moreover, the comrades from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau have his mobile phone number. Nowadays, science and technology are so advanced, they just don’t want to kill chickens. It’s a fool’s errand. If we hesitate on big issues of right and wrong, others will definitely use technical means.” The
old village party secretary can be said to be the most knowledgeable person in the village. He did not think that the police station chief was exaggerating. He sighed again and asked with a frown. : “No need to talk?”
“No need to talk. If you and I really open this mouth, they will not only find ways to catch them on their own, but they may also report the matter to our provincial department. Cooperate with the public security organs to handle the case, and report it to the police in another place. It is our responsibility and obligation to provide cooperation with the agency. We will all be criticized when the time comes.” “You
/little bastard, you can’t work anywhere but Shenzhen. It’s great to find a job in Shenzhen. You have the audacity to kill people!”
/“Everyone must be responsible for what they have done. If you kill someone, you will be punished by law.”
“You have done something evil, hey!”
The old party secretary shook his head, patted the table three times in a row, stood up, and held it in his mouth. Smoking a cigarette, he walked out of the office with his hands behind his back. When he passed the stage