d of ‘Ocean Shrimp World No. 1’, but this is too risky…”

d of ‘Ocean Shrimp World No. 1’, but this is too risky…”
Thinking of various possibilities, one by one Denied, when Zhang Lisheng was puzzled, he suddenly saw with his astonishing eyesight an aircraft shaped like a goose egg. The whole body was shrouded in rising and rolling thick fog. The constantly rotating aircraft broke through the shield covering most of the world. The door’s shining brilliance fell on the sand and exploded.
The massive amount of hot milky white steam that was ejected actually caused a huge hole with a bottom that was hardened by high temperature and a diameter of more than 100 meters.
Chapter 558: Horrifying discovery:
/The vaguely familiar scene stirred up memories buried deep in his memory. Looking at the slowly dissipating thick fog, Zhang Lisheng showed an expression of sudden realization on his face, and murmured with a half-smile: ” Steam missiles, turned out to be steam missiles…
Could it be that the gods of the World of Shrimp No. 1 have formed an alliance with the steam civilization of Calador? It seems that the cross-world alliance I advocated is forming a trend. This situation It has become more complicated and interesting. In this case, what should the people on earth do…” When
the young man said to himself, the splendid brilliance shrouding the ‘Gate of the World’ in the distance began to slowly dissipate. After a few minutes, it became like Like the setting sun hanging on the horizon in the evening, it is so dim that it seems to be nothing.
“Is this the end of the attack? It seems that it is really just a demonstration to announce the alliance. In
this case, the target of the attack should be more than just the Noah World Space Gate. If complete intelligence can be collected, it will be speculated that ‘Ocean Shrimp’ The universal strength of the gods in World No. 1 is very useful…” Zhang Lisheng continued to mutter to himself thoughtfully; while absentmindedly waiting for the attack from the attackers from the “different world” to end, Zhang Lisheng was ready to climb down the tree at any time, but suddenly saw Dozens of kilometers away, the color light that was about to disappear suddenly intensified to the extreme like a flashback, and it actually shimmered most of the sky in the north.
Afterwards, in the endless brilliance, many tall and majestic vague figures began to appear in turn in a fleeting manner.
“Such a figure and the visual impact it brings to people, could it be that, no, I should say it must be, this must be the projection of the gods in the ‘World of Sea Shrimp No. 1’.” The young man regained his energy and concentrated on Looking into the distance and talking to himself excitedly. “Consume a huge amount of power of faith just to show power in front of the enemy’s civilians. I really don’t know if that idiot came up with the idea.
These divine powers are enough to support a large-scale battle…”, and was suddenly enveloped by a figure on the sky. In the gorgeous cloak with various rings, the features on the face are hollow, only a pa