ut shed two lines of tears.

ut shed two lines of tears.
Han Bo sat down at the table, held his chin and smiled: “Ning is right, a leader who doesn’t consider his subordinates is not a good leader. I am happy for you if you can become a regular police officer. You can become a regular policeman. Today, it has a lot to do with your persistence in learning. You cannot relax just because you have become a full-time employee. If you want to be famous on the public security front, just like doctors, you must live and learn.”
“Thank you Han Suo, we will not relax.”
“By the way, does Bureau Qiao know about your relationship? Although it’s not explicitly stipulated, I don’t feel good about the two of you being in the same police station.”
/I have reported it.”
Xiao Dan looked back at his lover and grinned: “Bureau Qiao said it’s best for two of us to go together so that we can work without worries. He also considered that we can’t all be at the police station, so he asked me to go to the Liuxia Criminal Police Team and Yali to the police station. The relationship was over, and he was temporarily transferred to the Economic Investigation Squadron.”
“I can be promoted to a full-time job and become a criminal police officer. I
got what I wanted.” “Han Suo, without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and Yali and I wouldn’t be where we are today. I don’t know what to do. Thank you.”
“Here we go again.”
Han Bo patted his arm, stood up and said, “Let’s talk about business, there shouldn’t be any big actions in the past two days. You hand over the work at hand to Team Wang, and keep it confidential when handing over special circumstances. It’s best Go outside and hand them over one by one in person. After you are transferred to Xin’an, do your best and don’t embarrass Bureau Qiao and Ning Institute.”
The work in the institute is temporarily in charge of the instructor Chen Weiguang, and all the policemen of the Economic Crime Investigation Squadron except the “instructor” are assigned to special cases.
As long as the case is not solved, the project will not be withdrawn, and confidentiality must be strictly maintained.
Before the case is settled, you are not allowed to contact the outside world without permission, and you are not allowed to leave your post without permission. The combatants took the time to contact their families and arrange things at home. It was announced that he had participated in the business training organized by the bureau, and would be under full closed management for a period of time. Leave a phone number in the bureau for your family members. If there is any emergency, ask them to call Deputy Political Commissar Niu.
The squadron leader must set an example by first contacting his parents, then greeting the leaders of his old unit, and finally greeting his fiancée who is far away in the capital.
Li Xiaolei had just arrived at the internship unit and had just started work, so she returned the phone call very quickly.
She was participating in some kind of closed training, even if she couldn’t