actually reacted that way.

Wang Xuan came back to his senses and said: “I didn’t get used to it for a while. Your tone and expression are actually quite good. Of course, it would be better if I changed my brother to brother or brother.”
For an instant, a white fist stretched out from the stone slab, but in the end she retracted it silently, because she really couldn’t hit this nasty young man at the moment.
“Come out for a walk and have a chat. I will definitely go get that slate.” Wang Xuan said with a smile, asking the woman if she had been to No. 4 and No. 5 Transcendent Sources.
“If you don’t speak and act cold, then I won’t take the slate.” This sentence is still very effective, and the mysterious woman reappears.
/Since then, the two have traveled together in this super mythical world.
After more than half a year, Wang Xuan felt that he had almost absorbed the Taoist charm of this realm, and it was almost saturated for him. His Taoism had indeed improved significantly.
Unfortunately, the True King level is very high, and he still lacks the firepower. He realizes that the higher he goes, the harder it will be to break through.
After knowing his thoughts, the mysterious woman’s expression changed. She wanted to say something, but was this too slow? ! There is no doubt that this is the result of being “corrupted” by Wang Xuan’s words for a long time. She has become less and less cold recently.
“This sister is so beautiful, every move and smile is infinitely beautiful.” A girl of thirteen or fourteen years old said in the distance, very envious, and passed by with an old man riding auspicious clouds.
At this time, Wang Xuan and the woman in the stone slab had arrived at the residence of the saints, preparing to formally visit the Lupo Nirvana Dojo.
“It’s very similar to the Xingyue River I saw in the past, but more magnificent.” Wang Xuan looked at it. He came to the “transcendence place” where the sources No. 4 and 5 merged, which is the residence of the saints and is equivalent to the source No. 1. The otherworldly places and 36 heavens.
But this place is not deserted. On the contrary, it is very prosperous. A big river of stars runs through the entire transcendental land. Painted boats, dancing fairies, and heroes from the Saints’ Dojo all gather here.
Towering mountains, vast forests, and many of the scenery in the Transcendence Land are very particular. Some are made from the debris of the great universe, and some are transformed after the death of supreme beings.
/The woman on the stone slab does not want to appear on the noisy and lively “Transcendence River” and return to the stone slab. In Wang Xuan’s view, she needs to change. It is still too cold to accept the fireworks of the world.
He stood on a painting boat and went down the river to the Lupo Nirvana Dojo, enjoying the scenery along the way.
“That’s” Along the Chaojiao River, when it passed through a large lake with many fairy boats and dotted islands, someone saw Wang Xuan standing on the bow of the boat and was slightly shocked.