ny loss.

Leng Mei said calmly: “It doesn’t matter whether the world is broken or not. I have already sworn that if I become a true saint in the future, I will be your staunchest ally. The kill list cannot be changed. We will watch each other. When you are in desperate situation, I can fight to the death for you.”
Outside the city, wanderers rioted, and the Five Immortals City became the Wu Immortal City. The monsters in the city were peaceful and made no sound at all.
/Wang Xuan was full of energy. After sitting quietly for a night, he was ready to set off.
He wanted to find a quiet place, but he couldn’t go too far away from the city to avoid being taken advantage of and attracting attacks and killings from the extraordinary and the like.
The mobile phone wonder said: “After breaking the limit five times, it is indeed a pity that I did not integrate the Taoist charm of the Holy Imperial City. Then choose an ancient ruins. Maybe there will be something left.”
Wang Xuan asked: “How old can it be?”
The mobile phone wonder said: “It is probably a site from before the 17th century. It may be the imperial city of the Old Saint period.”
Wang Xuan was immediately surprised, so ancient? Listening to this meaning, it was an abandoned imperial city of the old era. This kind of area was definitely unusual, and he was indeed interested.
In the early morning, facing the brilliant morning glow, Wang Xuan sat on the back of an ox, with the huge city gate far behind him, heading towards the ruins of the old imperial city, where he prepared to survive the tribulation and break the limit five times.
“You ride the bull yourself and let the girl follow you?” said the mobile phone wonder.
“Isn’t it very close?” After Wang Xuan heard this, he greeted Leng Mei and said, “Would you like to sit up?”
“No need.” Leng Mei put on a black cloak, covering her whole body, including her head, face, and undulating figure.
She is the strongest disciple of Demon Court, and if she is seen walking with Kong Xuan, it will easily arouse criticism. The black cloak is very special, with a hazy charm that can isolate it from all detection.
In the distance, purple clouds floated across the sky, and then came the earth-shattering sound of thunder, as if it was about to split the sky and penetrate the earth. Someone was crossing the tribulation, and the sound was huge.
/“Another city lord has overcome the tribulation!” A transcendent person sighed.
The thick thunder shot through the sky and the earth, which was very terrifying. People from the True Saint Dojo have been paying attention and feel that the situation is extremely serious.
Not only that, thunderstorms also appeared in other directions, far away from each other, tearing the sky, blue lightning intertwined, densely packed, covering the earth.
There is also an area where the sky and the earth are pitch black, and the thunder is blood-colored, like a bloody rain and thunder and lightning, extremely violent.
Early in the morning, city lords were going through tribulations one after anoth