on, it is impossible for both sides to actually take action.

on, it is impossible for both sides to actually take action.
“Okay, okay!” The middle-aged man’s eyes turned cold, “My name is Peng Yan, you will hear this name again soon.”
The two of them did not dare to make a move and could only get out of the way.
Lin Xin snorted coldly and strode past the two of them with Xiao Lingling.
“Come and die if you want.” He sneered in a low voice as he passed by Peng Yan.
Peng Yan tugged at his face, but was pulled back by the woman beside him.
“Taking nonsense to a dead man will make him cry later.” The woman looked contemptuous. “How long can the person who offended that person live?”
Lin Xin was too lazy to pay attention to the two people. Although he heard something in their words, he couldn’t think of anything for a while.
After crossing the stone bridge and passing the river beach on the opposite side, he quickly came to the stone wall of the cave, where there was another large dark passage cave.
“This should be the place leading to other passages. Do we want to go up?” Xiao Lingling asked softly.
Lin Xin looked around and saw that there was a smaller passage in another place. There were many messy footprints at the entrance of the passage. It was obvious that many people had entered.
“Go this way!” He led Xiao Lingling into the smaller passage.
The stone walls in the passage are covered with light blue thin ice, and a kind of blue fluorescent moss grows everywhere on the walls and on the ground.
Some stone walls also have deep sword and knife marks.
Lin Xin reached out and touched a knife mark.
“It’s very new. I should have stayed here not long ago.”
Suddenly Lin Xin stabbed Xiao Lingling’s side with a sword.
“Be careful!”
The sword arrived first, and then the words came.
With a scoff, a light blue maggot was skewered on the tip of the sword.
This maggot has no eyes or nose, only two ferocious mouths at the front and rear ends, which are filled with dense black spikes and serrations.
“Thank you, Brother Xie Lin.” Xiao Lingling was startled. The insect was too fast. If Lin Xin hadn’t taken action, she might have been hit by the insect.
Sure enough, my senior brother has been caring about me all the time, and
/there was a warmth in her heart.
“Be careful, your sensing power is strong, but this thing is fast and explosive. Even if you sense it, it will be difficult to deal with it.” Lin Xin explained casually.
The two of them walked forward along the passage.
This journey lasted for several days.
When the two were tired, they used torches and some dry moss to make a fire and rest. The moss here was cold and dry, so it was easy to find materials that could make a fire.
When thirsty and hungry, he would eat pancakes and Dushi Dan, and drink boiled broth to satisfy his hunger.
Xiao Lingling made a fire to cook food every day, and she gradually had the idea that it would be good to keep going like this.
After another five days
, the two of them were tired from walking, so they dug a depression on the edge of the pas