u are quite shady.”

u are quite shady.”
Zhuzi looked at me and said with some surprise.
“Comrade Lei Feng once said that you should treat your friends as warmly as spring, and treat your enemies as ruthlessly as the autumn wind sweeps away fallen leaves. This sentence is very suitable for me, that’s who I am!”
I answered with a smile, although the smile looked very ugly. insidious.
As the saying goes, if a person does not work for himself, he will be punished by heaven and earth. Although I am not a completely evil person, I will not be plotted in vain.
Gu Yu’s movements were obviously slower after being injured, but it was still difficult for the white-faced monster to kill him. The two sides gradually became stalemate, and the burliest white-faced weirdo slowly retreated to the rear and began to skim the formation. After observing for a while, he seemed to have discovered something, as if he could see the gap between Gu Yu and Dai An.
Rubbing his paws, the guy’s dark eyes gradually focused on Diane, who was in danger.
“Holy shit, this thing’s brain is really smart, and he also knows the weak points of the attack strategy.”
The fat man whispered, and I nodded. Gu Yu and the others are fans of the authorities. But we see it very clearly.
The burly white-faced monster leader began to move closer to Diane, and Diane was fighting with a white-faced monster, and the empty door opened behind him. This is actually a bad habit of his. As a leader, Gu Yu is very capable. As a result, the brothers below relied too much on him. When fighting, they always thought that the boss was behind him, and they had no idea of ??protecting their own backs. Seeing the burly leader of the white-faced monsters about to attack Diane, I felt a little hesitant in my heart.
In fact, from a tactical point of view. Dai An is now killed by the white-faced monster, and then Gu Yu kills several more white-faced monsters. Finally, the two leaders confront each other and fighting each other is the best result. At least this result is beneficial to me. But seeing a living person die in front of him, he felt somewhat uneasy. After thinking about it, he raised the slingshot in his hand, grabbed a stone and pointed it at Diane from a distance.
“Xiaoshan, what are you doing?”
Zhuzi asked strangely when he saw that I was about to take action again.
I didn’t answer. The slingshot fired the stone, but I saw the stone draw a long trajectory in the air, and finally hit Diane’s shoulder.
In fact, I am a kind-hearted person. I put away the slingshot and looked over. Diane, who was hit by the stone, suddenly turned around and saw the leader of the white-faced monster who was about to take action. He was shocked and hurriedly raised the repeating crossbow in his hand. Several shots were fired, one of which hit the arm of the white-faced monster leader, but the rest were dodged. The white-faced weirdo watching eagerly from behind rushed up and pierced Diane’s back with his claws!
/Diane screamed in pain, alarming Gu Yu. At this time, the white-faced