wing him were wary. Look around.

wing him were wary. Look around.
Li Meng’s eyes were fixed on the blue mecha. The mecha was very feminine, with slender and smooth lines. However, the battle was extremely wild and fierce. The black mecha could only parry. With his strength, the winner is about to be determined.
/Just as Li Meng was thinking, the blue mecha suddenly jumped up and hit the black mecha like a cannonball. His knees hit the engine compartment of the black mecha hard. The black mecha responded. Then, the blue mecha rushed up, jumped down, hit the black mecha’s waist hard with its elbow joint, then turned sideways, and its two mechanical arms hugged the black mecha’s mechanical legs. , it was torn apart, the black mecha with its mechanical leg torn off sparkled, and puffs of green smoke came out.
Seeing the fierce fighting style of the blue mecha, the people following Li Meng couldn’t help but feel jealous. Changed, vigilant guards were on Li Meng’s side, as if facing a formidable enemy.
Just seeing the wild and ferocious fighting style, Li Meng knew without guessing that the driver of the blue mecha was Chenchen.
Chenchen’s mecha fighting skills have improved so quickly that it’s surprising. In addition to performing tasks, she spends most of her time in actual combat training. In just a few months, she has actually gone from the level of a mecha fighter to a fighter. He has jumped to the level of a fighter. If the speed of this jump were announced in the seven star regions, it would be enough to cause a sensation.
Of course, Chenchen did not have an assessment level, but no one doubted her strength, because Chenchen also participated in the battle with the aliens, and established a female mecha brigade, and she was the captain.
The women’s mecha brigade has an artistic name, “Carved Mecha brigade”.
On Giant Jupiter, all members of the Carved Mecha Brigade are women. The Carved Mecha Brigade is very strict about recruiting members. Not only must they have perseverance, determination, perseverance and a healthy body, but they must also have a difficult past. Therefore, In addition to having amazing talents, most of the members of the Carved Mecha Brigade are refugees from the Drow planet. They basically have no relatives, no worries, and have tragic memories. They all have a steel-like willpower.
This team participated in the war with the aliens, grew up in the battle of blood and fire, made great contributions to the Giant Jupiter, and became a rising star in the Giant Jupiter second only to Li Meng. Their fierce and wild Their fighting style fills some men with awe. In the fierce battle with the aliens, they were invincible, and they also had high prestige and status in the giant planet. The girls of the giant planet all regard being able to join the carved mecha team as the highest honor. Of course, the dream of some boys is to find a girlfriend in the hollowed-out mecha team.
Li Meng guessed right, the blue mecha driver is Chenchen.
After the blue mecha won the victory, the people in the cockpit opened, and