es, Dao Lord is powerful and irresistible.

es, Dao Lord is powerful and irresistible.
What Zhang Jian has to do now is to understand the power contained in the Ming Yue Emperor and Jiu Nether Ling Emperor, and fully integrate them into his own authority on the Nether side.
He must achieve this, even after abdicating the throne, he can still fully control the mysteries of these two great gods.
If he can do this, his status as a Dao Lord will be considered a starting point.
Countless complicated patterns appeared behind him.
Most of these complicated patterns are innate runes transformed by Zhang Jian’s authority. These are all his own understanding. Even if the authority leaves, he has understood the roots of these authority and can still integrate them.
Countless purple patterns circulate, and on the other side are many earth-yellow runes.
Those earthy-yellow runes are mainly earth attributes, earth attributes, and turbid air attributes.
The two layers of purple and yellow celestial light flowed, like the Yin and Yang Tai Chi diagram, emerging behind him in perfect harmony.
The purple and yellow brilliance of the emperor’s position in the center gradually became harmonious in this realization. Zhang Jian felt that his soul and Taoist heart were also slowly growing in this boring process.
The vast moon hanging high in the underworld is constantly converting the essence of the vast moon into the depths of Zhang Jian’s eyebrows.
His conduct increases day by day.
During this period, Shiyou received his punishment in Pingxin Palace and did not show up for thousands of years.
Six thousand years later.
In the Mingyue Emperor’s residence, Zhang Jian finished a round of practice.
At this time, an acquaintance came to the palace of Emperor Mingyue.
Kill the Demon Lord.
When this master arrived, Zhang Jian naturally had to go out to greet him in person.
True Monarch Demon Slayer came on this trip but had another important matter.
At this time, the Demon-Slaying Lord’s expression was somewhat solemn.
/“Ayu, I can only ask you for help in this matter!”
Immediately, Demon Slayer True Monarch made the purpose of his trip clear.
It turns out that she came here for Taoist Tiexin.
In Zhoushan Realm, Taoist Tie Xin has not made any progress since he realized the true immortal body. Tens of thousands of years later, the true immortal tribulation has become more and more severe. Taoist Tie Xin feels more and more difficult. Therefore, after communicating with many ancestors in the heaven world, he decided to reincarnate and rebuild the great road.
In fact, seeing the elders of many masters, senior sisters, brothers, and even many nephews and nephews becoming immortals one after another, and even stepping into the Taiyi realm with the help of the great fortune of heaven, Taoist Tiexin could not bear the pressure after all.
It happened that this lightning disaster damaged the immortal body, and he heard that Zhang Jian became the Nether Emperor of the Ten Palaces in the Nether Underworld, so he decided to reincarnate.
Zhang Jian la