ilding beside the square and began to hover. The searchlight kept shining everywhere. As if looking for something.

ilding beside the square and began to hover. The searchlight kept shining everywhere. As if looking for something.
This helicopter had the same appearance as the previous crashed helicopter, and it also had the three-ring Sando Company logo on the outside. It seemed that they could not wait to return to their previous companions, so they came here to conduct search and rescue operations.
/Liu Qian quickly stood on the iron frame and shouted loudly to the helicopter, waving his hands to the helicopter. It was completely dark now, and it would be difficult to see the people on the helicopter if the searchlight did not hit this side. Liu Gan, and with the noise made by the helicopter itself, it was difficult to hear Liu Gan’s screams.
The rescue helicopter circled the more than 100-story building several times. The searchlight first shined on the roof of the building, then on the windows on each floor of the building for a general look. Finally, the searchlight finally shined on the square. . The burning helicopter had completely turned off and was no longer smoking, so it was impossible to give them a clear hint.
Although Liu Gan kept waving his arms and shouting at the top of his lungs, the rescue helicopter’s searchlights shined into the square several times but did not shine on the billboard, nor did they even shine on the wreckage of the previous helicopter near the billboard. , not to mention Liu Gan’s shouting in the darkness.
The rescue helicopter passed over the sky. The rescuers used the searchlight to find that the square was densely packed with zombies. After thinking that there was no chance of their companions, the pilot controlled the helicopter and turned around and flew away. No matter how Liu Gan screamed, nothing happened. There was no looking back.
“A bunch of idiots! Will you die if you search carefully?” Liu Gan watched as the lights on the helicopter’s fuselage gradually disappeared into the dark night, and his heart suddenly became cold. The helicopter’s search and rescue failed to find their companions. , I guess I won’t come back again.
This also seemed to mean that he once again missed the opportunity to leave the billboard, and it was probably the last chance to be rescued.
It’s really frustrating!
Liu Gan lay weakly back on his simple iron frame bed, looking at the dark night sky. He didn’t know what he was thinking, maybe he didn’t think about anything at all.
Not long after the helicopter left, the dark clouds above Liu Gan’s head were covered by waves. The night wind gradually dispersed, and the moon slowly emerged from the thinning clouds, revealing her shy face half-hidden with her pipa in her arms.
Tonight was a full moon, and half an hour later, the dark clouds in the sky were completely blown away by the night wind, and the moonlight completely poured onto the earth, lighting up the entire square. However, the scenery on the ground was not very beautiful, so Liu Qian just lay blankly on the simple iron frame bed, staring at the bright moonlight in a daze, and