y here?” Lulu asked Liu Gan a few more questions.

y here?” Lulu asked Liu Gan a few more questions.
Liu Qian was stunned. He really hadn’t thought much about this issue seriously. It seemed that ever since Jiang Jinyuan told him that there was a space laboratory in the main city area, there might be a portal to send back to reality, and then he heard After saying that there were more and more powerful mutated zombies, advanced monsters, etc. in the main city area, he focused on thinking about going to the main city area.
Everything he did after that was to prepare for the main city. He traveled across the entire city of Tranquility to Qingpu Port and found the Tranquility. As a result, he could not drive the Tranquility away without a crew; later, he found it on the bottom of the sea. He met Sunina in the laboratory and drifted back to the northern suburbs in a daze. As soon as he heard about the Spirit, he immediately had the idea of ????hijacking the Spirit and using it to go to the main city.
Is going to the main city really that important to him? What does he want to do? Go to the space laboratory and use the portal to return to the real world? He doesn’t seem to want to go back to the real world.
The only reason may be that he feels that he can encounter more and more powerful monsters in the main city area, so that his strength can be improved faster.
It’s not okay not to improve his strength as soon as possible. Those beta players in the main city, as well as more powerful zombies, monsters, etc. that may appear in the future. In order to survive, he must continue to make himself stronger.
In addition, Liu Qian has always had the habit of traveling around the world. He has never been a settled person who can stay in the same place for too many days. This is true in the real world, and it is also true in the Thriller World.
“Do you want to fulfill your promise to Jiang Jinyuan?” Lulu guessed.
“That’s just a casual thing. I have to go to the main city to have greater development. If I don’t improve my strength as soon as possible, we will soon be crushed by the beta players in the main city, waiting for them to kill When we come here, we may just become their slaves.” Liu Qian thought for a while and then answered Lulu.
“You’re really thinking too far ahead.” Lulu sighed.
“If you don’t have long-term worries, you will have immediate worries.” Liu Qian touched his forehead. He was feeling dizzy now.
Liu Ganjiu did drink too much. After dinner, he found a room and slept. Yinhe and Nana stood guard inside and outside his room.
/“Is he asleep?” After helping Cheng Qi and her daughter collect the things, Lulu came over and asked Yinhe in a low voice.
“Sleeping.” Yinhe replied to Lulu, and then looked Lulu up and down.
/“I was a little abrupt during the day today and said some things I shouldn’t have said. I didn’t know he already had you, so please don’t mind.” After Lulu felt Yinhe’s gaze sizing her up, Lulu took the initiative to say something to Yinhe. apologize.
She confessed her love to Liu Qian in front of so many people, but it tur