lawyer to modify his will.

lawyer to modify his will.
While talking to Mr. Woody, Secretary Dawson rushed over and shouted to Han Xuan: “Little boss! Something happened! Pooh almost shot someone to death downstairs. It has been surrounded by the police. Now it seems It’s going crazy! I didn’t see clearly, there was blood on the ground, and Olivia was comforting it! Go and have a look!”
After hearing this, Jigglypuff ran downstairs, and Han Xuan was confused.
Winnie is a brown bear from Kodiak Island that Han Xuan rescued by chance when he was a child. They were separated for a while and then met unexpectedly, and the relationship was quite good.
Secretary Dawson hurriedly asked, “How is Pooh? Is he okay?” ”
It is said that he was shot. A policeman fired a shot after seeing Pooh going crazy, but it seemed to be fine. It shouldn’t be a serious injury.”
Secretary Dawson Seeing the little boss walking downstairs in a hurry, he chased after him and said as he walked, he could see that Han Xuan was very anxious. Those animals had always been his little boss’s heart treasure, and their relationship with each other was like friends, otherwise he wouldn’t have left. Take them with you wherever you go.
Waiting for the elevator to be too slow, Han Xuan took the stairs directly. The sound of footsteps echoed in the passage. Because he was going to sing at night, he specially wore a pair of brand new leather shoes. He shouted to the bodyguard Jason: “Go to the hospital and prepare it in advance.” Prepare, not to save people, but to save Winnie! Why did you shoot? Don’t you know that it was borrowed by my bodyguards to assist in the inspection? Do you still kill the police dog when it bites someone?” New Year’s
/Eve in Times Square tonight Mr. Woody, the general manager of the concert, understood that these words were addressed to him. There was resentment in his words, blaming the police for shooting Vinnie without understanding the reason.
A layer of cold sweat broke out on his head. He had seen Mayor Rudy face Han Xuan. If something happened to the famous Kodiak Island brown bear, the police chief would definitely be in trouble. Mr. Woody felt that He probably wouldn’t be able to escape either.
He quickly shouted: “I will contact the hospital now! I will investigate this matter carefully and give you a satisfactory answer!” It
doesn’t matter if the answer is satisfactory or not, what matters is Pooh’s safety. Han Xuan went downstairs very quickly, and came When he arrived at the lobby, he saw the group of police officers still surrounding Pooh, and some even had pistols in their hands. When he saw the furious Pooh, Han Xuan was furious and shouted: “Put down the gun and get out of the way! Pooh!” ! Calm down!”
Ms. Victoria was not stupid enough to use this kind of scene to win ratings. She had already asked the cameramen to stop filming. When Mr. Woody saw Pooh looking over, it seemed nothing was wrong, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief and shouted angrily: “Damn it. What are you doing! Put down the gun!”
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