gh for any monitoring communication equipment of this era. Out of action.

gh for any monitoring communication equipment of this era. Out of action.
He put some black tea leaves that Han Xuan didn’t recognize but had a strong flavor into the exquisite three-pot teapot of the Song Dynasty. The spring water in the kettle was only heated to 90 degrees. He washed the tea leaves and poured out the brewed first tea.
Soros did not directly answer Han Xuan’s question. He smiled and said: “I have been drinking tea since I was young. Only more than ten years ago have I realized that drinking tea can be so particular.
The person I drank tea with was you. Grandpa, he tried to ask my Economic Research Institute to help persuade some people to agree to let China join the World Trade Organization. You Chinese, like us Jews, also respect and worship the place where our ancestors once lived, and are more united. I can understand his The practice.
Probably only you Chinese can make tea drinking so exquisite. It is more like an art. Five hundred years ago, if a Westerner could often drink tea from ancient China, that person would Definitely a noble with power and money.
I like it very much. When you have time, you can teach me how to make tea. It should calm my heart.
Oh, by the way.
/They will do it this afternoon, and it should be now It has already started, so you have to prepare in advance. Tonight’s news program will be a little different.” The
topic changed too quickly. Han Xuan’s expression was slightly startled. He thought of many things at once and replied: “Me too. I don’t quite understand how to make tea. I have to ask my grandfather. He is a master in this field. When my company customized the Bentley bulletproof car, he even added a tea table in the middle of the back seat. Why is it so hasty? I thought it would be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so that I could leave two days off, allowing panic to spread and burst the bubble in the Nasdaq stock trading market in one fell swoop.” “The
plan can’t keep up with the changes.” Old Soros sat in the Korean Opposite Xuan, he picked up the cup, blew on it, and drank the black tea. Compared with the tea itself, the environment and object of drinking tea made him feel more comfortable, and he was in a good mood today. He nodded to express his praise for the good taste.
He then put down the cup and continued: “These days, the Nasdaq index is still rising. We can bear this part of the loss, but some small brokers who have followed us in short selling are about to be unable to hold on. Some people have dark hearts. , obviously do not have enough strength, and have established a large number of short positions. Now there is a lot of pressure to short the Nasdaq index. If this continues, they are worried that their positions will be forcibly liquidated. In the past two days, there has been some negative news about the Nasdaq. Come out, they are spreading the news. There is no need to wait until the Federal Reserve announces another interest rate hike in two days. The time is now ripe. I am arranging people to prepare. I just went to San