There was a memorial hall inside, with many portraits hanging on the walls, perhaps of famous teachers or graduates here.

There was a memorial hall inside, with many portraits hanging on the walls, perhaps of famous teachers or graduates here.
The outside of the building looks quite old, but the inside has been re-decorated and is no different from those very new teaching buildings.
Walking inside, a bronze bear stood there, looking very cute, like an enlarged version of Winnie the Pooh.
Han Xuan ran over and imitated its posture to take a photo with the bear. The photo was to be sent to his parents and Anya.
Many universities in the United States have this animal statue as the school mascot.
Columbia University is a lion. Not only is there a statue on the campus, but there are two ferocious lion heads painted on the bottom of the swimming pool. The mascot of Princeton University is a silly bobcat, which is loved by many people.
Mr. Han revisited his old hometown. After graduation, he had several reunions with his classmates, but he never returned to Brown University.
Time has been kind to Brown and has not changed him much.
As if he was reminded of his youth, he kept introducing Han Xuan, and his familiarity was even inferior to Angelica’s.
Han Xuan followed his grandfather’s finger and looked over. There was a deserted pool there. He was about to ask when he heard him say: “This is where I confess to your grandma.” ”
She was still studying at Yale University at that time and came here with her classmates to participate in the exchange meeting. , there was a fountain at that time, but it seems to be gone now.”
/“The water pipe was frozen some time ago and has not been repaired.”
Angelica said with a smile: “You should be able to see it in a few days. In the summer, water lilies will be blooming here, which is very beautiful.”
“Come on, come on! Stand there. Take two photos and show them to grandma when you go home.” Han Xuan walked to the edge of the pool and waved, shouting loudly.
The old man’s face turned slightly red and he waved his hand: “What’s there to take a picture of? He’s so grown up now!”
Seeing his grandfather running away, Han Xuan held up his camera and took a picture, with the pool in the background.
Jog to keep up with the old man.
My eyes kept looking at this place where I would stay for a few years.
The overall style of the campus was simple, elegant, and solemn.
In the 1990s, when other cities in the United States were undergoing large-scale construction projects, the architectural ruins of Providence were relatively intact, and Brown University was integrated into this European-style architecture.
The campus covers an area of ??143 acres, which is not large. There are 238 buildings distributed among it, 100 of which were built before 1900, which has a long history.
The school is about 45 miles from Boston, which can be reached by car in about an hour. It is also very close to New York, which only takes 3 and a half hours by car. With helicopters, this time can be shortened by four-fifths.
/The students gathered in small groups on the grass. Many of them wore glasses and lo