s neck, and took a deep breath, or rather gasped.

“Xiao Bo, please don’t do this.” The woman struggled hard and used her hands to break off the other person’s hand holding her lower abdomen. Within a few seconds, she felt the boy behind her start to kiss her, and he dropped kisses like raindrops on her continuously. The boy’s kiss was cramped and intense on the white neck that was highlighted by pulling up the hair with a hairband, on the smooth nape of the neck, on the red and hot face, and on the ears that were dyed red. To a certain extent, it can even be said to be rude, with a breath like a bellows. While kissing her, one hand directly passed through the gap between the buttons of the woolen coat, pressed it on the plump mass on her chest through a layer of sweater, and kneaded it vigorously.
In just one moment, Cheng Wenxuan felt that all the power of resistance in her body, including her will, had been drained away, leaving no trace left.
The two stood in front of the bed and kissed passionately. While kissing, they took off each other’s clothes. The main person who took action was Wang Bo, with Cheng Wenxuan cooperating. Not long after, the goddess scattered her flowers, and all their clothes were gone, and they were finally facing each other.
/Afterwards, Wang Bo hugged her, and with a suppressed exclamation from the woman, he walked towards the white and soft bed behind him. Cheng Wenxuan
/‘s flight was originally scheduled for 11:30 in the morning, but after such a delay in the hotel, it was obvious that she would not be able to make it. So I had to change my flight to the 7pm flight. Wang Bo originally wanted to stay in the hotel with her, and then drive the woman to the airport after checking out in the afternoon. But Chen Wenxuan kept persuading and even begging him to go back early and leave her alone. She would check out in the afternoon. It was not far from the airport, so she could just take a taxi by herself.
Wang Bo had no choice but to take the woman’s suitcase out of the trunk, lift it to the woman’s room and leave.
On the way back to school, when it was quiet, the scene of the “cloud and rain” with Chen Wenxuan in the hotel three hours ago came clearly to mind. Compared with the other party’s “crying and fussing” and his constant “joking” in the Imperial Capital, this time, both Chen Wenxuan and him, for nearly three hours, a total of three “clouds and rains”, From the beginning to the end, there were no words between him and Chen Wenxuan, only humming, panting, and various postures, as well as movements that were either strong and violent or as gentle as water in various postures. In this continuous and repeated movement, he brought the other party to the peak of pleasure again and again, making the woman’s hair fly and her head covered with sweat. And he himself also gained endless happiness and satisfaction from the woman’s low chants, her moans that seemed like crying, laughing and begging for mercy, and the convulsions and tremblings again and again, as well as a kind of happines