such great power.

such great power.
“Wen Liang, why are you here?”
Ding Mei was overjoyed. She was indeed a little scared when the man made his move, but she didn’t expect Wen Liang to show up in time.
Wen Liang said with a smile: “I’m going to do some calculations. I know you are quarreling with someone today. Can your son come to help?”
Ding Mei smiled broadly and almost pulled his ears to show intimacy. Wen Liang turned over She rolled her eyes and hid for a moment, and said: “Mom, let’s do business first!”
Ding Mei also realized that this was not at home, there was a shameless couple opposite, and said: “That’s right, hey, no, when will you learn how to do it?” Is there a fight?”
When the fat woman saw that the situation was not right, she collapsed on the ground, stretched out her legs and splashed, saying: “Oh, I killed someone, the officials bullied the common people, and they didn’t let anyone live.”
Wen Liang frowned. It sounded like this woman knew Ding Mei’s identity. Could it be that there was another secret behind today’s incident? He turned to Ding Lan and said, “Third aunt, go to the store with my mother first, and leave it to me.”
Where Ding Mei was willing to leave, Wen Liang leaned into her ear and said, “I have a sense of discretion, don’t worry. I really can’t tell my dad’s name, so I’m sorry they don’t dare to do anything. But if you are here, others should say that we, mother and son, are bullying others by relying on my dad’s power. It won’t sound good if the news spreads.”
Ding Lan was also admonishing from the side . , finally dragging the reluctant Ding Mei downstairs, Wen Liang scanned the surroundings and found a wooden mop from the door of the store. He stepped on it in two pieces and walked up to the man with the wooden stick in hand. He said expressionlessly: “Stretch out the pushing hand!”
The man, still trying to be cruel, said: “Boy, I am a man who has been in prison. If you dare to hit me, just wait!”
Wen Liang listened lazily. He was talking nonsense, raised his big foot and stepped hard on his right knee. The man screamed again and almost fainted from the pain. The fat woman who was crying with tears and snot flying from her nose stopped suddenly and looked at Wen Liang dumbfounded, not knowing how to react.
/Wen Liang placed the wooden stick across the man’s shoulder, tapped it lightly, and said calmly: “I’ll give you another chance. Put your hand flat on the ground. I’ll just smash your ten knuckles. If you don’t obey, don’t do it.” I blame me for destroying your whole arm!”
The man was completely shocked. The more ruthless a person he seemed to be risking his life, he immediately gave up when he met someone more ruthless than him. He said: “Don’t, don’t, brother. , You really can’t blame me for this, we have nothing to do, it’s all the boss’s responsibility.”
“Get out of the way, who’s fighting, who’s fighting?” Before
the man could finish his words, a group of people wearing Garment City security uniforms dispersed the onlookers. The crowd came in, led by t