ce flying, and he turned around and easily wiped the board and scored.

ce flying, and he turned around and easily wiped the board and scored.
He was using every cell in his body to prove that he was not paddling.
/Anthony quickly responded with a goal in the low post.
Then, Sun Hao passed the ball to Curry again.
He was playing a two-hander with Curry!
Curry took one step away from the three-point line and shot directly.
Curry showed his maturity in play before, and now he shows his progress in self-confidence.
Sun Hao said that he would surpass him in terms of strength, which is unrealistic, but he still has a chance to surpass Sun Hao in the three-point shooting technique!
When the shooter is confident, that’s when the sun will penetrate the floor!
Curry scores another three-pointer!
And since the start of the game, he has scored 8 of the Warriors’ 12 points!
And it is also obvious that he has more than just the beginning.
14 to 6!
After Curry hit this long-range three-pointer, the Warriors scored 14 points in less than five minutes!
Nelson’s tactical deployment was in full effect. Curry and Landry started the game perfectly filling the gap caused by Durant’s absence.
And when the camera showed Durant on the sidelines, this guy seemed to be the happiest one, with his eyes filled with electricity when he smiled.
He did have a reason to laugh.
Because of rookie Curry’s performance, the Warriors have a greater chance of winning the championship this year than last year.
As both Sun Hao’s disciples, the thought that I will win the championship earlier than James in his career, and that he will win more championships, is so beautiful that it makes people want to laugh!
“Defend! Defend!”
/This three-pointer also raised the atmosphere in the Oracle Arena, and the fans began to cheer for the home team in unison.
But it was at this time that Anthony played an offense as good as today’s top five goals.
Gordon’s breakthrough layup was blocked by Matthews, but he still failed to score.
Just when Landry flew to grab the rebound, Anthony soared from behind him.
With a doggy style press, he directly dunked the ball into the frame through Landry!
This dunk was like a basin of cold water, drowning out the shouts at the scene.
This dunk was like a heat wave, setting the Pistons bench on fire, and every one of them screamed excitedly.
The team is in poor shape recently, their morale is low, and they started off very passive tonight. They need this kind of goal so much.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but take another look at Anthony.
what does 2konline’s classic explanation say?
Oh, by the way, although this shot is exciting, two points are just two points.
Curry dribbled the ball past halftime, and Sun Hao took the initiative to hold the ball.
In the eyes of fans and Pistons players, Sun Hao was obviously trying to return Anthony’s answer ball just now.
Prince’s defense unconsciously pressed forward a little.
Although Sun Hao didn’t attack much tonight, he could feel the improvement in Sun Hao’s strength in the few rounds.