cally better areas, the service life of these police uniforms is two years.

cally better areas, the service life of these police uniforms is two years.
Nangang’s economy is not as good as that of Dongzhou, and the municipal bureau’s funds are not as large as those of Dongzhou’s municipal bureau. They can only change their uniforms every three years, and the grassroots police are still complaining.
Unexpectedly, only one set was issued here, and not all of them, including winter uniforms and winter duty uniforms. They started to change the clothes in 1999. After the change, they have not been changed or even completed.
Clothing is not only related to the image of the police, but also directly affects the morale of the team.
Han Bo secretly made up his mind that after taking office, he must find ways to solve the problem of police uniforms. Even if he tries to sell the iron, he must make the police in Quanyushan County wear winter uniforms and winter duty uniforms in winter!
“Without money and difficulty in living, some people have bad thoughts. There is an underground casino in Chengdong Township, and dozens of cars come in and out every day. In the county, as long as you say you are going to the Chengdong Casino, a black car carrying passengers will do it. It was delivered accurately and almost to the public. As someone who doesn’t go back often, I know, is the Chengdong Police Station really blind? Gambling is common, with rich people gambling big and moneyless gambling, going to those towns in the mountains, Don’t look at those people who are so poor that they can’t open the pot. They gather on the roadside to fry gold flowers for only 5 yuan. Each gambles and the other poisons, making Yushan a mess!”
No one wants his hometown to become like this. Wang Heng suddenly said: “The Nanhu people are very powerful in our area. There is a chamber of commerce, and there seems to be a group of people who specialize in opening casinos.”
According to the report materials, some Nanhu people are involved in gambling and drugs in Yushan. It would be damned if no one protects them. Han Bo nodded and encouraged the two of them to continue.
He Xiaojie works in the provincial department and is not worried about retaliation if he talks too much, not to mention that it is a university instructor who wants to know the situation.
When I think of those ugly phenomena, I immediately feel disgusted: “The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked. There are also problems with the current bureau leaders. In recent years, a lot of funds have been allocated by the superiors, but they have all been misappropriated by them. The grassroots have not got any. Poor counties and rich government agencies are obviously the state level poverty-stricken county, they want to build luxurious office buildings. Not to mention the opinions of the people, the police are also complaining.”
“Has it been built?”
/“No, when I went back last time, I said construction would start this year.”
/He Xiaojie paused and continued. : “When I went back last time, I heard from my internship master that the bureau